This page contains some information about my grandfather, Edmund George Vincent Percival, a research chemist latterly at Edinburgh University It also contains links to a couple of journals. One he wrote during travels to the USA whilst working at McGill University in Montreal and the other during a walking holiday to France.

EGVP 1907 - 1951

Born in 1907 in Hinckley, Edmund or Eddie as he was known excelled at school and gained a place at Birmingham University to study Chemistry. He graduated with a 1st class and became a researcher. Perhaps his greatest claim to fame was being Sir (Walter) Norman Haworth's senior research assistant and part of the team that determined the structure of ascorbic acid, vitamin C - for which Haworth was awarded a share of the 1937 Nobel prize for chemistry. A brief account of the processes used to deduce said structure can be found in his book, Structural Carbohydrate Chemistry (1950). There is also a link here to Nature where an abstract referring to his work on ascorbid acid can be found.

Anyone wishing to spend 27 pounds can purchase a pdf of The Constitution of Ascorbic Acid from the Journal of the Chemical Society.

He met his wife, Elizabeth Kempson, also a chemistry graduate, whilst at Birmingham University. In later years they moved to Edinburgh, living within site of the Royal Observatory, first on Blackford Avenue and then on Mayfield Road. They both worked at Edinburgh University chemistry department at King's Buildings, a short walk from both these addresses.