1 Eric John PERCIVAL [1].

2 John Kempson PERCIVAL [2].

4 Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL1 (1907-1951) [3]. Born 10 Nov 1907, 2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester.2 2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester. Marr Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON 14 Jul 1934, St Pauls, Walsall.3 Died 27 Sep 1951, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.4 Cause: Hydro-cyanic acid poisoning. Buried 1 Oct 1951, Liberton Cemetery, Edinburgh.5

After graduating, he went to McGill University in Montreal for a year to do research on wood pulp. On returning, he worked for Sir Norman Haworth at Birmingham University on the structure of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - for which Haworth won the Nobel Prize in 1937. According to his wife, Elizabeth, nee Kempson, he was always bitter about the lack of recognition he got for his work in this area. It was always thus in academic circles.

He wrote a book - Structural Carbohydrate Chemistry, which was first published in 1950.
It was updated by his wife, Elizabeth, and republished in 1962.

8 Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959) [4]. Born 4 Jun 1877, Barkby, Leicestershire.6 Marr Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER 20 Feb 1900, Barkestone. Died 17 Mar 1959, 138 Crescent Road, Hugglescote. Cause: Broncho-pneumonia. Buried 20 Mar 1959, Broom Leys Cemetery, Coalville - grave no 5909.

9 Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER (1879-1949) [117]. Born 5 Jul 1879, 92 Park St, Derby. Died 4 Apr 1949, Coalville. Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis. Buried 7 Apr 1949, Broom Leys Cemetery, Coalville - grave no 5909.

Note on Marriage to Albert Henry PERCIVAL: Lived at 26 Clarence Road, Hinckley in 1901
Later moved to 37 London Road, Coalville.

5 Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON7 (1906-1997) [101]. Born 3 Jan 1906, 75 King Edward Road, Coventry.7 Marr Richard Henry MCDOWELL 1962, Edinburgh. Died 16 Apr 1997, Surrey. Buried Wokingham Crematorium, ashes interred at Moorhouse, near Kelso.

Known as Elizabeth or Betty.

10 Frank George KEMPSON (1870-1939) [102]. Born 18 Sep 1870, Upper Mary Street, Balsall Heath, Kings Norton, Worcestershire.8 Upper Mary Street, Kings Norton, Birmingham. No longer exists. Marr Emily Marsalina Macquebra HOLLOWAY 7 Oct 1896, St Clements Church, Parish of St Clement Nechells(?), Birmingham.9 47 Hutton Street, Birmingham. Died 3 Sep 1939, 269 Birmingham Road, Walsall.10 269 Birmingham Road, Walsall (to be confirmed). Died on the day the 2nd World War broke out. Buried 6 Sep 1939, Ryecroft Cemetery, Walsall - grave no 31-2-250.

Born in Upper Mary Street, Kings Norton, which no longer exists. 1881 Census says he was born in Balsall Heath.
Probate was granted 8 Nov 1939 to his widow. He left the sum of 985 pounds 9s 2d.8,11

Every photo bar one has him with a cigarette!

It's possible that Frank is the son in law referred to in Ralph Copeland's letter of 3rd October 1905 noting his promotion.

Entry in the Walsall directory (Red Book) in 1932 through 1935 record them as P Kempson. In 37 and 38 it is corrected to be F.G Kempson.

11 Emily Marsalina Macquebra HOLLOWAY (1867-1943) [103]. Born 18 Jul 1867, Ardwick, Lancashire.11,12 Died 11 Mar 1943, 126 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh.13 Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis, Sub-arachnoid Haemorrhage. Buried Mar 1943, Liberton Cemetery, Edinburgh.14

Birth was registered at Chorlton, just south of Crewe. GM said she was born in Manchester - which is in the right direction at least.

Note on Marriage to Frank George KEMPSON: Marriage was witnessed by Fred and Trissie Holloway. Lived at 47 Hutton Street at the time their marriage - which no longer exists. It may have been replaced with Hutton Road which is new houses.
Lived in 32 Washwood Heath Road, Birmingham in 1901 which is now (Aug 2004) a Jet petrol station.

Probate was granted to Emily - amount was 985 pounds.

3 Denise Helen CHANDLER [11].

6 Alan Oliver CHANDLER (1917-2014) [63]. Born 4 Jul 1917, 36 Toll Gavel, Beverly, East Yorkshire. Marr Helen YOUNG 25 Apr 1941, Christchurch, Trinity Road, Leith. Marr Doris SMITH 26 May 1990. Died 2014.

Alan left Helen to live with BARBARA LEIGHTON.
Barbara left Alan to live with ? Smithson. Alan brought Dennis up.
Alan lived with Lynne (I don't think they were married) they lived in Catcliffe and Oxfordshire.
Alan married DORIS SMITH nee LAVENDER 26th May 1990 at Blyth. They met as a result of him placing an advert in a magazine. They separated.
Alan lives with his son DENNIS BRIAN CHANDLER in Anglesey.

12 Fred Stephen CHANDLER15 (1876-1960) [62]. Born 20 Mar 1876, West Street, Alford, Lincs.15 Marr Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD 11 Jan 1909, Louth, Lincs. Died 4 Sep 1960, Sigglesthorne. Buried Sigglesthorne.

13 Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD (1885-1975) [58]. Born 10 May 1885, Gt Driffield, East Yorkshire, England. Bap 4 Jun 1885, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Gt Driffield, East Yorkshire. Marr Thomas Bertram ALLOTT Q4 1969, Hull District. Died 8 Sep 1975, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Buried 1975, Sigglesthorne, East Yorkshire.

7 Helen YOUNG16 (1918-c. 1990) [65]. Born 25 Nov 1918, 10 Albany St, Edinburgh.16 Bap 12 Jan 1919. Died c. 1990, 61/1 Moredun Park View, Edinburgh.

14 Charles Mitchell YOUNG17,18 (1883-1938) [472]. Born 29 May 1883, 41 Thistle Street, Edinburgh.19 Marr Helen Thompson BANKS 26 Jan 1906, 27 Trinity Crescent, Leith North District.20 Died 22 Apr 1938, Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Usual residence 27 Trinity Crescent, Leith.21 Cause: Left-sided bronchial carcinoma.

1901 census records occupation as Chemical worker.18

15 Helen Thompson BANKS22 (1883- ) [473]. Born 14 Oct 1883, Bathfield House, Leith.22

Note on Marriage to Charles Mitchell YOUNG: 27 Trinity Crescent was Helen Banks home
Marriage was witnessed by Robert Mitchell Young - brother? and Charlotte Calder Banks - sister?
They obviously continued to live here after the death of Mary Banks (nee Cormack) in 1924.


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