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Family of Robert COOMBER and Elizabeth GILBERT

Husband: Robert COOMBER (c. 1817-1886)
Wife: Elizabeth GILBERT (c. 1817-1874)
Children: Elizabeth COOMBER (1848-1898)
Henry COOMBER (1850-1852)
Fanny COOMBER (c. 1851- )
Edward COOMBER (1854-1896)

Husband: Robert COOMBER

Name: Robert COOMBER
Sex: Male
Father: Richard COOMBER (bef1786-1860)
Mother: Elizabeth CHEESMAN (bef1777- )
Birth c. 1817 Maidstone, Kent
Death Q2 1886 (age 68-69) Faversham, Kent

Wife: Elizabeth GILBERT

Name: Elizabeth GILBERT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1817 Doddington
Death Q4 1874 (age 56-57) Faversham, Kent

Child 1: Elizabeth COOMBER

Name: Elizabeth COOMBER
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1848 Faversham, Kent
Death Q1 1898 (age 49) Faversham, Kent

Child 2: Henry COOMBER

Name: Henry COOMBER
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Jul 1850 Faversham, Kent
Death Q2 1852 (age 1) Faversham, Kent

Child 3: Fanny COOMBER

Name: Fanny COOMBER
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1851

Child 4: Edward COOMBER

Name: Edward COOMBER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Elizabeth WALLOND (c. 1855-1897)
Birth Q4 1854 Faversham, Kent
Death Q3 1896 (age 41) Canterbury, Kent