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Family of Alan Oliver CHANDLER and Doris SMITH

Husband: Alan Oliver CHANDLER (1917-2014)
Wife: Doris SMITH ( - )
Status: Separated
Marriage 26 May 1990

Husband: Alan Oliver CHANDLER


Alan Oliver CHANDLER, Alan Oliver Chandler Jul38

Name: Alan Oliver CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Father: Fred Stephen CHANDLER (1876-1960)
Mother: Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD (1885-1975)
Birth 4 Jul 1917 36 Toll Gavel, Beverly, East Yorkshire
Death 2014 (age 96-97)

Wife: Doris SMITH

Name: Doris SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Alan Oliver CHANDLER

Alan left Helen to live with BARBARA LEIGHTON.

Barbara left Alan to live with ? Smithson. Alan brought Dennis up.

Alan lived with Lynne (I don't think they were married) they lived in Catcliffe and Oxfordshire.

Alan married DORIS SMITH nee LAVENDER 26th May 1990 at Blyth. They met as a result of him placing an advert in a magazine. They separated.

Alan lives with his son DENNIS BRIAN CHANDLER in Anglesey.

Note on Wife: Doris SMITH

nee Lavender