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Family of George RANDLE and Emma Marie CHANDLER

Husband: George RANDLE ( - )
Wife: Emma Marie CHANDLER (1868-1905)
Marriage South Africa

Husband: George RANDLE

Name: George RANDLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Emma Marie CHANDLER


Emma Marie CHANDLER, Emma Claribel and Kate Chandler

Name: Emma Marie CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Father: John Stephen CHANDLER (1837-1891)
Mother: Mary Ann SURFLEET (1835-1913)
Birth 1868 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Nursing Sister
Death 16 Feb 1905 (age 36-37) Jagersfontein, South Africa
Cause: Malarial fever

Note on Wife: Emma Marie CHANDLER

Nursing Sister in a refugee concentration camp near Kimberley in South Africa.