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Family of Charles HARDY and Dorothy KILLICK

Husband: Charles HARDY (1879-1962)
Wife: Dorothy KILLICK (1890-1983)
Children: Charles HARDY (1912-1989)
Dorothy HARDY (1915-1988)
John HARDY ( - )

Husband: Charles HARDY

Name: Charles HARDY
Sex: Male
Father: John George HARDY (1854-1933)
Mother: Mary Jane ROWNTREE (1854-1927)
Birth 21 Sep 1879 Acklam with Barthorpe, Yorkshire, England
Occupation Farner, Pharmacist, Justice of the Peace
Death 1962 (age 82-83)

Wife: Dorothy KILLICK

Name: Dorothy KILLICK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Mar 1890
Occupation teacher
Death 1983 (age 92-93)

Child 1: Charles HARDY

Name: Charles HARDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen JEX ( - )
Birth 1912 Leiston, Suffolk, England
Death 1989 (age 76-77) Toronto, Canada

Child 2: Dorothy HARDY

Name: Dorothy HARDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: John WALKER (1899-1969)
Birth 11 Jun 1915 Leiston, Suffolk, England
Death 1988 (age 72-73)

Child 3: John HARDY

Name: John HARDY
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Charles HARDY

From Margaret Walker's tree

Note on Wife: Dorothy KILLICK

From Margaret Walker's tree