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Family of John William CHANDLER and Agnes TURNBULL

Husband: John William CHANDLER (1862-1907)
Wife: Agnes TURNBULL (c. 1868- )
Children: Jessie Claribell CHANDLER (1895-c. 1960)
John Turnbull CHANDLER (1896-1917)
Queenie CHANDLER ( -1945)
Agnes Mary CHANDLER (1898-1945)
Muriel CHANDLER (1900- )
Constance CHANDLER (1902- )
Doris CHANDLER (1905- )
Ena Mabel CHANDLER (c. 1907-1987)
Marriage 1894 Wisbech

Husband: John William CHANDLER

Name: John William CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Father: John Stephen CHANDLER (1837-1891)
Mother: Mary Ann SURFLEET (1835-1913)
Birth 1862 Finsbury, Middlesex
Occupation Teacher
Child Count 8
Marriage Count 1
Death 1907 (age 44-45) Wisbech
Cause: Diabetes

Wife: Agnes TURNBULL

Name: Agnes TURNBULL
Sex: Female
Father: [unnamed person] ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 1868 Haydock, Lancashire1
Occupation Teacher
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 43) Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs1
Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs

Child 1: Jessie Claribell CHANDLER

Name: Jessie Claribell CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reg SIMON ( - )
Birth 1895 Wisbech
Occupation Teacher
Death c. 1960 (age 64-65)

Child 2: John Turnbull CHANDLER

Name: John Turnbull CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1896 Wisbech2
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 14) Framlingham College, Framlingham, Suffolk1
Framlingham College, Framlingham, Suffolk
Death 1917 (age 20-21)

Child 3: Queenie CHANDLER

Name: Queenie CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Death 1945

Child 4: Agnes Mary CHANDLER

Name: Agnes Mary CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Nickname: Queenie
Spouse: Reginald Coulam GRINTER (1898-1986)
Birth 24 Feb 1898 Parson Drove, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 13) Teachers Orphanage, Sheffield1
Teachers Orphanage, Sheffield
Occupation Teacher
Death 8 Jun 1945 (age 47)

Child 5: Muriel CHANDLER

Name: Muriel CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Will OWEN ( - )
Birth 1900
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 10) Teachers Orphanage, Sheffield1
Teachers Orphanage, Sheffield

Child 6: Constance CHANDLER

Name: Constance CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bob RICHMOND ( - )
Birth 1902
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 9) Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs1
Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs

Child 7: Doris CHANDLER

Name: Doris CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harold CHAMBERLAIN ( - )
Birth 1905 Parson Drove, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire1
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 6) Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs1
Hall Gate Gedney Holbeach Lincs

Child 8: Ena Mabel CHANDLER

Name: Ena Mabel CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Tom LANE ( - )
Birth c. 1907 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire1
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 4) 3 Myddleton Park, London1
3 Myddleton Park, London
The family appears to have been spread around after the death of John W Chandler. In 1911 Ena was living with her Uncle and two Aunts in London. Two of her sisters were at boarding school and two of the others were living with their mother in Lincolnshire.
Death 1987 (age 79-80)

Note on Marriage 1

When John Chandler died the remaining family seem to have been spread around. In 1911 the youngest daughter is living with Agnes's brother and 2 sisters in London. Agnes took two of the older sisters to live with her in Lincolnshire where she was a teacher. Muriel and Agnes Mary are at The Teachers Orphanage (Page Hall) in Sheffield. Jessie Claribell is found at the Grammar school in Thame, Oxfordshire.


More on the Teachers Orphanage can be found here - - it was funded by members of the teaching profession for those in the profession in Agnes Chandler's situation.1

Note on Marriage 2

Some confusion around the children - the 1911 census shows Jessie, Agnes Mary, Muriel, Constance, Doris and Ena.

The family records also show a Pauline of whom I can find no trace and Queenie - who may have been Agnes Mary.

Note on Wife: Agnes TURNBULL

Possible death record - Q4 1943 E. Elloe. (Lincolnshire)


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