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Family of Percy Nowell WARD and Helene Wilhelmina Anna KRUMHART

Husband: Percy Nowell WARD (1899-1985)
Wife: Helene Wilhelmina Anna KRUMHART ( -1981)
Children: Robert WARD ( -1990)

Husband: Percy Nowell WARD


Percy Nowell WARD, Percy Nowell Ward

Name: Percy Nowell WARD
Sex: Male
Father: Henry Percy WARD (1875-1953)
Mother: Eliza Embley NOWELL (1867- )
Birth 11 Jun 1899 Wark, Birmingham1
Occupation Commercial Artist
Emigration 21 Nov 1910 (age 11) from Liverpool, Great Britain to USA
On board Carmania with his mother, Eliza
Death 18 Dec 1985 (age 86) Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, USA

Wife: Helene Wilhelmina Anna KRUMHART

Name: Helene Wilhelmina Anna KRUMHART
Sex: Female
Nickname: Grandma Willie
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1981 Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, USA

Child 1: Robert WARD

Name: Robert WARD2
Sex: Male
Evanston, Illinois
Death 1990 Evanston

Note on Husband: Percy Nowell WARD

Birth was registered in Edgbaston subdistrict, but recorded in Kings Norton according to FreeBMD

Note on Wife: Helene Wilhelmina Anna KRUMHART

Note from Jeffrey Ward (Dec 2006) - Against our Grandma Willie's better judgment, in their retirement Nowell dragged her to Guadalajara Mexico, Fayetteville, Arkansas and finally Bloomington, Indiana. He did not like to share her with the family and we all seemed to lose touch when Wilhelmina died.


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