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Family of George SAMPSON and Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY

Husband: George SAMPSON (1872-bef1941)
Wife: Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY (1871-1963)
Children: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON (1905-1971)
George Douglas SAMPSON (1908- )
Marriage 26 Dec 1897 Aldringham, Suffollk1

Husband: George SAMPSON

Name: George SAMPSON2
Sex: Male
Father: George SAMPSON ( -bef1897)
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1872 Saxmundham, Suffolk3
Occupation Gas Iron Tester, Warehouseman2
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 38) 114 Hallam Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire4
114 Hallam Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Death bef 1941 (age 68-69)

Wife: Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY


Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY, 1934, age 63

Name: Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY1
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY (1839-1906)
Mother: Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS (c. 1835-1922)
Birth 1871
Death 21 Nov 1963 (age 91-92) 1 Western Road, Winson Green, Birmingham5
Cause: Congestive Cardiac Failure

Child 1: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON


Ralph Thomas SAMPSON, 1934, age 29


Spouse: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON, 1934, age 25

Name: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON (1909- )
Birth 5 Jul 1905 Top Junction Cottages, Abram, Hindley, Wigan, Lancaster2
Residence 11 Feb 1935 (age 29) 46 Hunton Road, All Saints, Erdington, Birmingham6
46 Hunton Road, All Saints, Erdington, Birmingham
Occupation Electrician, Commercial Traveller6,7
Death 7 Apr 1971 (age 65) 2308 Coventry Road, Birmingham7
Cause: Carcinomatosis, carcinoma of stomach

Child 2: George Douglas SAMPSON

Name: George Douglas SAMPSON4
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1908 West Bromwich8

Note on Wife: Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY

Known as Trissie or Tissie. This lady is something of a mystery. I can find no record of a birth certificate, but she was certainly Fred Holloway's daughter and certainly Ralph Sampson's mother. She married two different Sampsons - the first, George in 1897 and the other his brother Harry in 1941!


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