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Family of Alexander CORMACK and Elizabeth LAURIE

Husband: Alexander CORMACK (1836-1909)
Wife: Elizabeth LAURIE (1838-1905)
Marriage 2 Mar 1876 Bower, Caithness1

Husband: Alexander CORMACK


Alexander CORMACK, 1909, age 73, Alexander Cormack and Elizabeth Laurie Gravestone

Name: Alexander CORMACK
Sex: Male
Father: Alexander CORMACK (c. 1791-1863)
Mother: Hellen REACH (c. 1803-1873)
Birth 23 Feb 1836 Brabster, Bower, Caithness
Baptism 28 Feb 1836 (age 0) Brabster, Bower, Caithness
Occupation Builder2
Death 8 Jul 1909 (age 73) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness2
Cause: Influenza and pneumonia

Wife: Elizabeth LAURIE


Elizabeth LAURIE, 1909, age 71, Alexander Cormack and Elizabeth Laurie Gravestone

Name: Elizabeth LAURIE2
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas LAURIE (c. 1791-c. 1875)
Mother: Janet DURRAN (1802-1885)
Birth 17 Apr 1838 Rowe, Wick3
Baptism 1 Aug 1838 (age 0)
Death 3 Jun 1905 (age 67) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Cause: Rupture of post pharangeal abscess leading to suffocation.

Note on Marriage 1

It seems they perhaps didn't have any children.


There are a few to check out - but the most obvious looking are not theirs. Given they got married relatively late it's not unreasonable that this might be the case.

Note on Marriage 2

Compiled by A.S. Cowper & I Ross, Caithness Monumental Inscriptions Pre 1855, Volumes 1,2,3,4 (Published by the Scottish Genealogy Society, Edinburgh, 1992)

Volume 1, Page 121, Bower Cemetery, Monument # 86

Alexander Cormack builder Brabsterdorran died 08 July 1909, Aged 74 Years; his wife Elizabeth Laurie died 03 June 1905, Aged 66 Years

Note on Husband: Alexander CORMACK

Had a nephew, Alex Doull.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth LAURIE (1)

Died age 66

Note on Wife: Elizabeth LAURIE (2)

Laurie, Elizabeth: GROS REF (OPR BIRTHS 039/0020 0044 Olrig) 01/08/1838

Baptisms. Laurie. 1838. Elizabeth Lawful Daughter of Thomas Laurie & Janet Durran residing in Durran, was born 17th April & baptised 1st August 1838


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