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Family of Alexander CORMACK and Hellen REACH

Husband: Alexander CORMACK (c. 1791-1863)
Wife: Hellen REACH (c. 1803-1873)
Children: David CORMACK (1826-1892)
George CORMACK (1829-1898)
Margaret CORMACK (1832- )
Alexander CORMACK (1836-1909)
Marriage 13 Jan 1826 Wick, Caithness1

Husband: Alexander CORMACK

Name: Alexander CORMACK
Sex: Male
Father: David CORMACK ( - )
Mother: Margaret MCKAY ( - )
Birth c. 1791 Bower, Caithness
Occupation Farmer
Death 1 Mar 1863 (age 71-72) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Cause: Asthma

Wife: Hellen REACH

Name: Hellen REACH
Sex: Female
Father: George REACH ( - )
Mother: Helen ( - )
Birth c. 1803 Wick, Caithness
Death 12 Sep 1873 (age 69-70) Brabster, Bower, Caithness2
Cause: Old age

Child 1: David CORMACK

Name: David CORMACK3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary SUTHERLAND (c. 1833-1920)
Birth 15 Nov 1826 Bower, Caithness4
Baptism 18 Nov 1826 (age 0) Bower, Caithness
Occupation Shoemaker/Journeyman/Master3,5
Residence 1841 (age 15) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Residence 1851 (age 24-25) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Castletown, Olrig, Caithness - Castletown to New Libmister Road
Lodger of William and Catharine Waters.
Death 11 Mar 1892 (age 65) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Hypertrophy of heart - uncertain.

Child 2: George CORMACK

Name: George CORMACK
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Apr 1829 Bower, Caithness
Christening 15 Apr 1829 (age 0) Bower, Caithness
Occupation Farmer
Death 6 Nov 1898 (age 69) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Cause: Cardiac disease (suddenly)

Child 3: Margaret CORMACK

Name: Margaret CORMACK
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Mar 1832 Bower, Caithness
Christening 16 Mar 1832 (age 0) Bower, Caithness

Child 4: Alexander CORMACK


Alexander CORMACK, 1909, age 73, Alexander Cormack and Elizabeth Laurie Gravestone


Spouse: Elizabeth LAURIE, 1909, age 71, Alexander Cormack and Elizabeth Laurie Gravestone

Name: Alexander CORMACK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth LAURIE (1838-1905)
Birth 23 Feb 1836 Brabster, Bower, Caithness
Baptism 28 Feb 1836 (age 0) Brabster, Bower, Caithness
Occupation Builder6
Death 8 Jul 1909 (age 73) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness6
Cause: Influenza and pneumonia

Note on Husband: Alexander CORMACK

He is recorded as 50 in 1841 census, which would make dob approximately 1791

He is recorded as 62 in 1851 census. Wife Helen is recorded as 50 in 1851 census.

George, Margaret and Alexander are still at home.

Address is Hill of Brabster


Farmer of 20 acres employing 3 labourers

Note on Wife: Hellen REACH

Surname on David Cormack's death certificate is very hard to read. I think this is Nelly Reach as recorded in another document I found on the web - with David's birth in 1826 - which would seem to be a year too early.


She is variously recorded as Hellen, Helen, Ellen, Nell and Nellie. Her marriage entry is recorded as Reoch! On her son Alexander's death certificate she is recorded as Ellen Raich.


Date of birth is uncertain. Age on death certificate is 69 - making dob about 1803 or 1804.


In the 1841 census she is recorded as age 39, born in Caithness - but the ages are notoriously unreliable in this census. If age is correct, dob would be about 1802 or 1803.


In 1851 she is recorded as age 50.


Her parents names were George Reach and Helen - surname uncertain but not recorded on death certificate.


There is a Helen Reach, born in Wick, to George Reach and Helen Bain on 23 Jun 1796. This would just about be possible in terms of age. They had a number of children.

Alexander - 1798

Christian - 1791

Donald 1802

John 1793

Note - Helen Bain is sometimes recorded as Hellen and Ellen - tenuous perhaps, but interesting commonality which perhaps strengthens the possibility.

I wonder if the first Helen perhaps died and they had a later child that isn't recorded in the parish register? Or perhaps she was christened Ellen?


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