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Family of (no name) and Lydia LOWE

Husband: [unnamed person] ( - )
Wife: Lydia LOWE (1842- )
Marriage Q3 1875 Barrow Upon Soar


Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Lydia LOWE

Name: Lydia LOWE1
Sex: Female
Father: John LOWE (c. 1800- )
Mother: Anna BROWN (c. 1801- )
Birth Q3 1842 Barrow Upon Soar

Note on Marriage

Husband was either Charles Carter or Samuel White

Coincidentally someone called Mary Ann Brown married the other. I believe her mother's name was Ann(a) Brown.

Note on Wife: Lydia LOWE

Needs confirmed as sister of Eliza (or not).


1"John Percival - Eliza Lowe Marriage certificate".