Family of John LOWE and Anna BROWN

Husband: John LOWE (c. 1800- )
Wife: Anna BROWN (c. 1801- )
Children: Eliza LOWE (1840-1913)
Lydia LOWE (1842- )

Husband: John LOWE

Name: John LOWE1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1800 Queniborough, Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire3
Occupation Tailor1,2,3
Residence 1861 (age 61) Queniborough, Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire3

Wife: Anna BROWN

Name: Anna BROWN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1801 Burrough, Leicestershire3
Occupation Tailor3
Residence 1861 (age 60) Queniborough, Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire3

Child 1: Eliza LOWE


Eliza LOWE, Eliza Percival


Spouse: John Richard PERCIVAL, John Richard and Eliza Percival's grave

Name: Eliza LOWE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Richard PERCIVAL (1822-1903)
Birth 15 Feb 1840 Queniborough, Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire4
Residence 1891 (age 51) Main Street, Barkestone5
Death 6 Jan 1913 (age 72) Barkestone le Vale6
Burial 9 Jan 1913 Grave 10, Barkestone Le Vale Church6

Child 2: Lydia LOWE

Name: Lydia LOWE2
Sex: Female
Spouse: [unnamed person] ( - )
Birth Q3 1842 Barrow Upon Soar

Note on Husband: John LOWE

In 1861 they had an apprentice tailor, George Glover living with them

Note on Wife: Anna BROWN

Very hard to read surname, so could be wrong


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