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Family of Donald BANKS and Charlotte CALDER

Husband: Donald BANKS (1804-1863)
Wife: Charlotte CALDER (1820-aft1881)
Children: Margaret BANKS (1849- )
Donald BANKS (1851-1892)
George BANKS (1853-1871)
Margaret BANKS (1856- )
Marriage 2 Sep 1848 Dunnet Parish, Caithness1

Husband: Donald BANKS

Name: Donald BANKS2
Sex: Male
Father: Donald BANKS (c. 1760- )
Mother: Margaret COOPER (1763- )
Birth 20 Jun 1804 Dunnet Parish, Caithness3
Christening 23 Jun 1804 (age 0) Dunnet Parish, Caithness
Occupation Farmer, Chelsea pensioner.
Death 18 Jan 1863 (age 58) West Dunnet4

Wife: Charlotte CALDER

Name: Charlotte CALDER
Sex: Female
Father: Donald CALDER (1788-1876)
Mother: Margaret NICOLSON (1791-1882)
Birth Apr 1820
Baptism 14 Apr 1820 (age 0)
Death aft 1881 (age 60-61)

Child 1: Margaret BANKS

Name: Margaret BANKS
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Jul 1849 Dunnet Parish, Caithness
Christening 15 Jul 1849 (age 0) Dunnet Parish, Caithness

Child 2: Donald BANKS


Donald BANKS, 1891, age 40, Thistlebank1891


Spouse: Mary Ann CORMACK, 27 Trinity Crescent (2)

Name: Donald BANKS5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann CORMACK (1853-1924)
Birth 8 Jun 1851 Caithness
Christening 8 Jun 1851 (age 0)
Occupation 1st Mate
Residence 1881 (age 29-30) 5 Victoria Place, Leith
5 Victoria Place, Leith
Residence 1891 (age 39-40) 7 Forth Place, Leith6
7 Forth Place, Leith
Death 31 May 1892 (age 40) At sea. Ship called Ashbank disappeared on a voyage from Algoa Bay in South Africa to Newcastle, NSW.7
Cause: Drowned

Child 3: George BANKS

Name: George BANKS
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Sep 1853 Dunnet Parish, Caithness
Christening 18 Oct 1853 (age 0) Dunnet Parish, Caithness
Death 28 Jan 1871 (age 17) 12 Union Street, Edinburgh

Child 4: Margaret BANKS

Name: Margaret BANKS8
Sex: Female
Birth 17 Feb 1856 Dunnet, Caithness8
Residence 1871 (age 15) 11 Albany Street, Edinburgh9
11 Albany Street
Living there with her cousin Ann Elder

Note on Husband: Donald BANKS

Donald was a member of the 42nd foot - which was part of the Black Watch. Presumably invalided out, hence the reference to Chelsea Pensioners.

From the National Archives at Kew Ref No WO/97/576/25

1824-1847 Donald Banks, Born Dunnet, Served 42nd Foot Regiment, Discharged aged 41 years.10

Note on Wife: Charlotte CALDER

Recorded in 1881 census as widowed, crofter in West Dunnet, age 58 - where

It looks like she has a 5 year old adopted child (Jessie Scott) from Edinburgh living with her, recorded as a scholar. There is no sign of her in the 1891 or 1901 census and so far no sign of a death certificate or a definite birth record.


There is a Charlotte Calder recorded as born 19 Apr 1820 in Dunnet to Donald Calder and Margaret Nicolson - but that doesn't fit with being 58 in the 1881 census. It does however fit with her eldest children being called Margaret and Donald (which was also her husband's name) and is therefore a strong candidate.


She is in the 1841 census age 15!


And the 1861 census age 37.


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