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Family of Ralph Thomas SAMPSON and Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON

Husband: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON (1905-1971)
Wife: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON (1909- )
Children: Norman SAMPSON ( - )
Marriage 11 Feb 1935 Erdington, Birmingham1

Husband: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON


Ralph Thomas SAMPSON, 1934, age 29

Name: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON2
Sex: Male
Father: George SAMPSON (1872-bef1941)
Mother: Trissill Mildred HOLLOWAY (1871-1963)
Birth 5 Jul 1905 Top Junction Cottages, Abram, Hindley, Wigan, Lancaster2
Residence 11 Feb 1935 (age 29) 46 Hunton Road, All Saints, Erdington, Birmingham3
46 Hunton Road, All Saints, Erdington, Birmingham
Occupation Electrician, Commercial Traveller3,4
Death 7 Apr 1971 (age 65) 2308 Coventry Road, Birmingham4
Cause: Carcinomatosis, carcinoma of stomach

Wife: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON


Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON, 1934, age 25

Name: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON3
Sex: Female
Father: Harry RICHARDSON ( - )
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1909 Barton

Child 2: Norman SAMPSON

Name: Norman SAMPSON
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Ralph Thomas SAMPSON

Lived at 2308 Coventry Road, Birmingham. From Sheila Villazon, Uncle Ralph was the son of one of the sisters - it might have been Auntie Tizzie ( don't ask me what that is short for!) I remember as a child visiting her in Birmingham (Sparkbrook?) There was another sister who was famed for her golden hair at the age of 80 but I can't think of her name.


It appears that Ralph was Harry's stepson - hence the difficulty in finding a birth certificate or a wedding certificate. His father was George Sampson - was he Harry's brother? At the time of Ralph's birth his mother's address was given as 3 Allen Street, West Bromwich.


Ethel Teece confirms that Tissie was Ralph's mother.


Anne Percival remembers Ralph giving her a lift to Sheila's wedding in 1965


Ralph was apparently Betty Kempson's favourite cousin.

Note on Wife: Dorothy Agnes Abbot RICHARDSON

Aunty Dore


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