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Family of William Brown CLEGG and Eliza JOHNSON

Husband: William Brown CLEGG (c. 1826-1906)
Wife: Eliza JOHNSON (bef1835-1919)
Children: Eliza Johnson CLEGG (c. 1863- )
Marriage 25 May 1858

Husband: William Brown CLEGG

Name: William Brown CLEGG
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1826
Occupation Grocer
Death Q4 1906 (age 79-80) Scarborough1

Wife: Eliza JOHNSON


Eliza JOHNSON, 1907, age 71, Eliza Johnson photo front

Name: Eliza JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Father: John JOHNSON (1800-1874)
Mother: Jane STILLBORN (bef1807-1871)
Birth bef 29 Nov 1835 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Christening 29 Nov 1835 (age 0) Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Death Q2 1919 (age 83) Scarborough1

Child 1: Eliza Johnson CLEGG

Name: Eliza Johnson CLEGG2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Edward GARBUTT (c. 1866- )
Birth c. 1863 Rawtenstall, Lancashire2
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 48) 110 North Marine Road, Scarborough2
110 North Marine Road, Scarborough

Note on Marriage

William was her 2nd cousin

Note on Husband: William Brown CLEGG

Death needs confirmed - vol 9d p253 age 75. Birth calculated from death.

Note on Wife: Eliza JOHNSON

Death needs confirmed - vol 9d p424


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