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Family of Charles COOMBER and Sarah SMITH

Husband: Charles COOMBER (bef1793- )
Wife: Sarah SMITH (c. 1793- )
Children: Sarah COOMBER (c. 1821- )
Mary A COOMBER (c. 1824- )
George COOMBER (c. 1825- )
Charles COOMBER (c. 1826- )
Caroline COOMBER (c. 1828-1911)

Husband: Charles COOMBER

Name: Charles COOMBER
Sex: Male
Father: Robert COOMBER ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth ( - )
Birth bef 24 Sep 1793 Faversham, Kent
Baptism 24 Sep 1793 (age 0) Faversham, Kent
Occupation Cooper

Wife: Sarah SMITH

Name: Sarah SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1793

Child 1: Sarah COOMBER

Name: Sarah COOMBER
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1821 Faversham, Kent

Child 2: Mary A COOMBER

Name: Mary A COOMBER
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1824 Faversham, Kent

Child 3: George COOMBER

Name: George COOMBER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Mary MANNOUTH (c. 1821-1849)
Birth c. 1825 Faversham, Kent
Occupation Cooper

Child 4: Charles COOMBER

Name: Charles COOMBER
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1826 Faversham, Kent

Child 5: Caroline COOMBER

Name: Caroline COOMBER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Inge COOMBER (bef1830-1892)
Birth c. 1828 Faversham, Kent
Occupation Dressmaker
Death Q1 1911 (age 82-83) Faversham, Kent

Note on Marriage

Lived at 112 West St in 1851

Census also records G. son Alexander Stuart, aged 4 born in Lambeth - probably George's son who was a widower?