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Family of Albert Henry PERCIVAL and Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER


Family of Albert Henry PERCIVAL and Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER, 648JRP45xTrips09a01

Husband: Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959)
Wife: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER (1879-1949)
Children: John Henry PERCIVAL (1894-1979)
Evelyn Annie PERCIVAL (1900-1902)
Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL (1907-1951)
Marriage 20 Feb 1900 Barkestone

Husband: Albert Henry PERCIVAL


Albert Henry PERCIVAL, 648JRP53xTrips02

Name: Albert Henry PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Father: John Richard PERCIVAL (1822-1903)
Mother: Eliza LOWE (1840-1913)
Birth 4 Jun 1877 Barkby, Leicestershire1
Appointed to Leicestershire Police - 7 Oct 1899 7 Oct 1899 (age 22)
Residence 1900 (age 22-23) Hinckley, Leicestershire
2 Baptist Walk
Not certain of exact date, but this was a police house. Albert had moved out by the time of the census in 1901 when he was recorded as living with his family at 26 Clarence Road, Hinckley. The house adjoined the police station. It was bought from the police force in the 1950's by James William Bell who was still resident there at the age of 83 in 2006. (Eric and Anne Percival met him whilst observing the house and were invited in for a cup of tea.) Apparently the council have been trying to get him to move out so's they could sell the properties to developers for demolition.
Residence 1901 (age 23-24) 26 Clarence Road, Hinckley
26 Clarence Road, Hinckley
Occupation Policeman, then weights and measures inspector
Appointed inspector of weights and measures 13 May 1908 (age 30)
Moved to 37 London Road, Coalville 1908 (age 30-31)
Appointed inspector of factories and workshops - 1912 shops act 1 Jun 1912 (age 34)
Retired from Police Force 31 Dec 1927 (age 50)
Death 17 Mar 1959 (age 81) 138 Crescent Road, Hugglescote
Cause: Broncho-pneumonia
Burial 20 Mar 1959 Broom Leys Cemetery, Coalville - grave no 5909

Wife: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER


Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER

Name: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER
Sex: Female
Father: William Edmund WHITTAKER (c. 1835-1891)
Mother: Anne KELHAM (1840-1921)
Birth 5 Jul 1879 92 Park St, Derby
Death 4 Apr 1949 (age 69) Coalville
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Burial 7 Apr 1949 Broom Leys Cemetery, Coalville - grave no 5909

Child 1: John Henry PERCIVAL


John Henry PERCIVAL, 1916, age 22, 648JRP36xWar13


Spouse: Dorothy Eleanor BARNES, Dorothy Percival


Spouse: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN, Harry Nancy Barkestone

Name: John Henry PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Dorothy Eleanor BARNES (1894-1961)
Spouse 2: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN (1894-1970)
Birth 13 Dec 1894 Barkestone
Occupation Farm Machinery Repair Man
Death 31 Jan 1979 (age 84) Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham
Cause: Stroke
Burial Barkestone le Vale Churchyard

Child 2: Evelyn Annie PERCIVAL


Evelyn Annie PERCIVAL, Evelyn Annie 2

Name: Evelyn Annie PERCIVAL
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Dec 1900 Hinckley, Leicestershire
Baptism 18 Jan 1901 (age 0) Hinckley, Leicestershire2
Death 27 May 1902 (age 1) 26 Clarence Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire3
Cause: Anaemia (3 months) + cardiac failure, although the family led people to believe it was actually meningitis
Burial 31 May 1902 Ashby Road Cemetery, Hinckley, Leicestershire. Grave is number 74 in section 5A.4

Child 3: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL


Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL, 1951, age 44, EGVP pipe


Spouse: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON, 1964, age 58, EE McDowell Jul 1964

Name: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL5
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON (1906-1997)
Birth 10 Nov 1907 2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester6
2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester
Occupation University Lecturer, Research Chemist
Child Count 2
Marriage Count 1
Title Dr
Education 1918 (age 11) King Edward VII Grammar School, Coalville; Coalville
1918 - 1925
Education 1925 (age 18) Birmingham University; Birmingham
Graduation 1928 (age 21) Birmingham University
1st Classs Honours in Chemistry
Death 27 Sep 1951 (age 43) Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh7
Cause: Hydro-cyanic acid poisoning
Burial 1 Oct 1951 Liberton Cemetery, Edinburgh8

Note on Marriage

Lived at 26 Clarence Road, Hinckley in 1901

Later moved to 37 London Road, Coalville


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