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Family of Robert PICKERING and Jane Bielby JOHNSON

Husband: Robert PICKERING (bef1809-1873)
Wife: Jane Bielby JOHNSON (1832-1922)
Children: Robert PICKERING (1870-1921)
Herbert Johnson PICKERING (1872-1872)
Marriage 6 Oct 1869 Rowley, Hull, East Yorkshire

Husband: Robert PICKERING


Robert PICKERING, Robert Pickering

Name: Robert PICKERING1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth bef 5 Jun 1809 Rowley, Hull, East Yorkshire
Baptism Jun 1809 (age 0) Rowley, Hull, East Yorkshire
Occupation Farmer
Death 31 Oct 1873 (age 64) Beverly District2

Wife: Jane Bielby JOHNSON


Jane Bielby JOHNSON, c. 1875, age 43, Jane with son Robert Pickering edited

Name: Jane Bielby JOHNSON3
Sex: Female
Father: John JOHNSON (1800-1874)
Mother: Jane STILLBORN (bef1807-1871)
Birth 29 Nov 1832 Lodge Farm, Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Residence 1901 (age 68) 26 Mercer Row, Louth4
26 Mercer Row, Louth
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 79) 26 Mercer Row, Louth3
26 Mercer Row, Louth
Age is shown as 79 on the census.
26 Mercer Row is now (2011) a Boots Pharmacy.
Death 1 Dec 1922 (age 90) West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington3
Death 1 Dec 1922 (age 90) West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington5
Cause: Chronic Myocarditis, Nephritis, Arterio-sclerosis
Address: West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington

Child 1: Robert PICKERING


Robert PICKERING, c. 1875, age 5, Jane with son Robert Pickering edited

Name: Robert PICKERING6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Jane DUNCAN (c. 1869-1913)
Birth 4 May 1870 Little Weeton, Yorkshire4,6
Residence 1901 (age 30) 3 Holme Villas, Holme Road, Louth4
3 Holme Villas, Holme Road, Louth
He was no longer resident here by 1905 as the house was now occupied by the Cribb family.

"The above named, all born in Louth, were three of the sons of William Llanwarne Cribb and Catherine Edith Cribb. Mr Cribb was in born 1877 in Southsea, Hampshire; his father was a Leading Stoker in the Royal Navy. Mr Cribb married Catherine Edith Aspland (born 1880 Enfield, Middx) in 1902 in Enfield. By 1905, the family had moved to Louth where Mr Cribb was the “customs, excise, old age pension & probate officer & inspector of corn returns” in Mercer Row.The family lived at 3 High Holme Villas, High Holme Road, Louth. "
Death Q2 1921 (age 50-51) Louth, Lincs

Child 2: Herbert Johnson PICKERING

Name: Herbert Johnson PICKERING6
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Aug 18726
Death 24 Sep 1872 (age 0)6

Note on Husband: Robert PICKERING

Weeton Parva, East Yorkshire6

Note on Wife: Jane Bielby JOHNSON

Death certificate records her as being of 53 Marshall Avenue, Bridlington. Death was reported by Jessie Wilson, Neice.


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