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Family of Eric Bernard CHANDLER

Husband: Eric Bernard CHANDLER (1911-2003)
Wife: (unknown)

Husband: Eric Bernard CHANDLER


Eric Bernard CHANDLER, Eric Bernard Chandler

Name: Eric Bernard CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Father: Fred Stephen CHANDLER (1876-1960)
Mother: Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD (1885-1975)
Birth 27 May 1911 73 Lairgate, Beverly, East Yorkshire
Death 5 Sep 2003 (age 92) Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield

Note on Husband: Eric Bernard CHANDLER

Eric was never in the forces as a result of a motor accident before the war: he was knocked from his

pushbike in approximately 1928 and badly damaged his wrist, resulting in it being fused. It was this that prevented him from joining up.


During the war Eric was employed laying runways, a career that he

followed very successfully after the war, becoming the company's North

of England Regional Manager.