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Family of John Stephen CHANDLER and Mary Ann SURFLEET

Husband: John Stephen CHANDLER (1837-1891)
Wife: Mary Ann SURFLEET (1835-1913)
Children: John William CHANDLER (1862-1907)
Richard CHANDLER (1863- )
Charles CHANDLER (1865-1867)
Edgar Thornton CHANDLER (1867-1936)
Emma Marie CHANDLER (1868-1905)
Claribel CHANDLER (1869-1963)
Tom CHANDLER (1871-1953)
Kate CHANDLER (1872-1955)
Frank Napoleon CHANDLER (1874-1960)
Fred Stephen CHANDLER (1876-1960)
Henry James CHANDLER (1877-1938)
Marriage 13 May 1861 St Michael's Church, Parish of St Peter Pimlico, Middlesex1

Husband: John Stephen CHANDLER


John Stephen CHANDLER, Alford - location of JS Chandler's Tailor shop

Name: John Stephen CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Father: Richard CHANDLER (bef1814-1887)
Mother: Joanna MERRETT (1811- )
Birth 1837 Bisley, Gloucestershire
Baptism 27 Sep 1847 (age 9-10) Bisley, Gloucestershire
Occupation Master Tailor
Child Count 11
Marriage Count 1
Death 6 May 1891 (age 53-54)
Cause: Asthma attack after being thrown out of a trap
Burial Alford, Lincolnshire

Wife: Mary Ann SURFLEET



Name: Mary Ann SURFLEET
Sex: Female
Father: William SURFLEET (1807-1863)
Mother: Anne FARR (bef1812-1881)
Birth 1835
Christening 28 Feb 1836 (age 0-1) Candlesby, Lincs.
Death 3 Oct 1913 (age 77-78) Home of Kate and Oliver Essame, Fairholme, Humberstone Drive, Leics
Burial Alford, Lincolnshire

Child 1: John William CHANDLER

Name: John William CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes TURNBULL (c. 1868- )
Birth 1862 Finsbury, Middlesex
Occupation Teacher
Child Count 8
Marriage Count 1
Death 1907 (age 44-45) Wisbech
Cause: Diabetes

Child 2: Richard CHANDLER

Name: Richard CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha ( - )
Birth 1863 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Tailor

Child 3: Charles CHANDLER

Name: Charles CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Birth 1865 Alford, Lincolnshire
Death 1867 (age 1-2) Alford, Lincolnshire

Child 4: Edgar Thornton CHANDLER


Edgar Thornton CHANDLER, EdgarThorntonChandler

Name: Edgar Thornton CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lily ROSE (1875-1947)
Birth 1867 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Tailor shop repair
Death 1936 (age 68-69) Alford, Lincolnshire

Child 5: Emma Marie CHANDLER


Emma Marie CHANDLER, Emma Claribel and Kate Chandler

Name: Emma Marie CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: George RANDLE ( - )
Birth 1868 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Nursing Sister
Death 16 Feb 1905 (age 36-37) Jagersfontein, South Africa
Cause: Malarial fever

Child 6: Claribel CHANDLER


Claribel CHANDLER, 1948, age 79


Spouse: Fred WARING, 1948

Name: Claribel CHANDLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred WARING ( - )
Birth 1869 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Head Mistress
Death 1963 (age 93-94)

Child 7: Tom CHANDLER

Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Anne BARHAM (1878-1943)
Birth 5 Apr 1871 Alford, Lincolnshire
Occupation Printer
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 39) Bury Wood Lodges Weedon Old Northampton2
Bury Wood Lodges Weedon Old Northampton
Death Aug 1953 (age 82) Arundel, Sussex
Burial Cemetery at bottom of Torton Hill, Arundel

Child 8: Kate CHANDLER

Sex: Female
Spouse: Oliver ESSAME (1874-1959)
Birth 1872
Death 1955 (age 82-83)

Child 9: Frank Napoleon CHANDLER

Name: Frank Napoleon CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor (Nellie) DALES ( - )
Birth Q2 1874 Alford, Lincolnshire
Death 8 Apr 1960 (age 85-86) Newmarket, Ontario

Child 10: Fred Stephen CHANDLER


Fred Stephen CHANDLER, FredStephenChandler


Spouse: Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD, MabellillianPickeringWard

Name: Fred Stephen CHANDLER3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mabel Lillian Pickering WARD (1885-1975)
Birth 20 Mar 1876 West Street, Alford, Lincs3
Residence 1909 (age 32) 65 Toll Gavel, Beverley4
65 Toll Gavel, Beverley
Occupation Tailor
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 35) 71 Lairgate, Beverly, Yorkshire2
71 Lairgate, Beverly, Yorkshire
Death 4 Sep 1960 (age 84) Sigglesthorne
Burial Sigglesthorne

Child 11: Henry James CHANDLER


Henry James CHANDLER, 1910, age 33


Spouse: Florence Mary WALKER, 1910

Name: Henry James CHANDLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Mary WALKER ( - )
Birth 1877 Alford, Lincolnshire
Emigration 1910 (age 32-33) from England
Immigration 1910 (age 32-33) to New Zealand
Death 1938 (age 60-61) Auckland, New Zealand

Note on Husband: John Stephen CHANDLER

Lived in Alford, Lincs. Birth date may be 1838

Note on Wife: Mary Ann SURFLEET

photo record says 1835 - 1915


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