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Family of William Joseph KEMPSON and Frances WAINWRIGHT

Husband: William Joseph KEMPSON (1862-1940)
Wife: Frances WAINWRIGHT (c. 1865-1950)
Children: Valentine Harold KEMPSON (1891-1973)
Henry Augustus KEMPSON (1898-1898)
Aubrey Cyril KEMPSON (1900-1923)
Howard Sidney KEMPSON (1902-1987)
Marriage 1890 St Pancras reg. district, Strangley

Husband: William Joseph KEMPSON

Name: William Joseph KEMPSON
Sex: Male
Father: William Edwin KEMPSON (1838-1910)
Mother: Susan DUGGAN (1839-1897)
Birth 13 Aug 1862 Aston
Occupation 1881 (age 18) Accountant's Clerk in 1881. In 1902 Limited Company's Manager1
Residence 1881 (age 18) Paxton Villa, Victoria Road, Worcestershire
Paxton Villa, Victoria Road, Worcestershire
Death 24 Apr 1940 (age 77) 40 Surrey Road, Bournemouth.2

Wife: Frances WAINWRIGHT

Name: Frances WAINWRIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1865
Death 10 Sep 1950 (age 84-85) Orpington Hospital, Kent

Child 1: Valentine Harold KEMPSON

Name: Valentine Harold KEMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1891 Edmonton registration district
Occupation Special Constable
Death btw 5 Apr 1973 and 12 Apr 1973 (age 81-82) 8 Ethelbert Close, Bromley

Child 2: Henry Augustus KEMPSON

Name: Henry Augustus KEMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 Bromley Registration District
Death 1898 (age 0) Bromley Registration District

Child 3: Aubrey Cyril KEMPSON

Name: Aubrey Cyril KEMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1900 Bromley Registration District
Death 1 Sep 1923 (age 22-23) The Bluff Hotel, Yokohama, Japan2

Child 4: Howard Sidney KEMPSON

Name: Howard Sidney KEMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Mar 1902 Glenside, Aldersmead Road, Beckenham, Kent
Death 1987 (age 84-85) Worthing, Sussex

Note on Husband: William Joseph KEMPSON

Birth found in freebmd. Vol 62 p244.

Probate was granted London 17 June 1940 to Valentine Harold Kempson, special constable. He left the sum of 8024 pounds 13s 4d.2

Note on Wife: Frances WAINWRIGHT

108 Kingsway, Petts Wood, Kent at time of death


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