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Family of John Henry PERCIVAL and Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN

Husband: John Henry PERCIVAL (1894-1979)
Wife: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN (1894-1970)
Marriage 30 Aug 1961 Derby

Husband: John Henry PERCIVAL


John Henry PERCIVAL, 1916, age 22, 648JRP36xWar13

Name: John Henry PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Father: Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959)
Mother: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER (1879-1949)
Birth 13 Dec 1894 Barkestone
Occupation Farm Machinery Repair Man
Death 31 Jan 1979 (age 84) Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham
Cause: Stroke
Burial Barkestone le Vale Churchyard

Wife: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN


Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN, Harry Nancy Barkestone

Name: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN
Sex: Female
Father: Sam Rowley ALLEN (1867- )
Mother: Rosina COLEMAN (c. 1870- )
Birth 21 Jun 1894 Derby
Residence 1901 (age 6) Derby1
61 Belgrave Street
Death 10 Feb 1970 (age 75)
Burial Ashes are interred with her husband, John Henry Percival in Barkestone Churchyard

Note on Husband: John Henry PERCIVAL

Born out of wedlock. Lived with his Grandmother, Ann Whittaker nee Kelham until his parents were able to get married (when his father joined the police force.)


Went to Hinckley Grammar School until the family moved to Coalville. His great love was of metalwork and machinery. The grammar school taught mainly classics and he hated it.


He worked for Colemans for most of his life, repairing and bespoking farm machinery for a good portion of the time.


Served in Northumberland Fusiliers in first world war.


When he died he wanted to buried with his mother's family in Barkestone rather than his own family in Coalville.

Note on Wife: Nancy Florence Dorothy ALLEN

Birth registered Q3 1894


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