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Family of Frederick William CHAPPELL and Lavinia HOLLOWAY

Husband: Frederick William CHAPPELL (c. 1889-1954)
Wife: Lavinia HOLLOWAY (1872- )
Children: Ronald William CHAPPELL (c. 1919-1929)

Husband: Frederick William CHAPPELL

Name: Frederick William CHAPPELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1889
Death 20 Jul 1954 (age 64-65)

Wife: Lavinia HOLLOWAY


Lavinia HOLLOWAY, 2004, age 132, 210 Alum Rock Rd 1

Name: Lavinia HOLLOWAY
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY (1839-1906)
Mother: Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS (c. 1835-1922)
Birth 17 Jan 1872 Berkeley Square, Coventry Road, Birmiingham1
Occupation Dressmaker
Residence 1881 (age 10) 199 Bolton Road, Aston, Birmingham2
199 Bolton Road, Aston, Birmingham
Occupation 1881 (age 10) Scholar2

Child 1: Ronald William CHAPPELL

Name: Ronald William CHAPPELL
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1919
Death 9 Jan 1929 (age 9-10) Coventry?
Burial Coventry Cemetery

Note on Marriage

Dick's notes say no children - so something is wrong here.

Note on Husband: Frederick William CHAPPELL

Need to check this one. Could this be Uncle Fred who shacked up with Aunty Phil when she left Horace? Sheila Villazon thinks it might be.

Note on Wife: Lavinia HOLLOWAY

Seems too old to be Ronald's mother. Also Dick's notes say no children. She was we think known as Auntiy Vinnie and died quite young, whereupon Aunty Phyll, her sister moved in with Fred.


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