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Family of Edward HOLLOWAY and Elizabeth SMITH

Husband: Edward HOLLOWAY (c. 1816-1885)
Wife: Elizabeth SMITH (c. 1816-1889)
Children: Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY (1839-1906)
John Martin HOLLOWAY (1840-1905)
Edward HOLLOWAY (c. 1842- )
Stephen HOLLOWAY (1844-1909)
Olivia HOLLOWAY (1845-1898)
Elizabeth HOLLOWAY (c. 1851- )
Thomas HOLLOWAY (c. 1853- )
Francis HOLLOWAY (1853- )
Mary HOLLOWAY (c. 1856- )
Fielding HOLLOWAY (c. 1860- )
Marriage 5 Nov 1837 Stoulton, Worcestershire1

Husband: Edward HOLLOWAY


Edward HOLLOWAY, St Marys Wick Worcs

Name: Edward HOLLOWAY2
Sex: Male
Father: John HOLLOWAY (1787- )
Mother: Ann ABELL ( - )
Birth c. 1816 Wick, Worcestershire3
Christening 4 Jan 1818 (age 1-2) Wick, Worcestershire
Occupation Shoemaker
Death 14 Feb 1885 (age 68-69) 23 Herbert Road, Aston, Birmingham4

Wife: Elizabeth SMITH

Name: Elizabeth SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1816 Stoulton, Worcestershire3
Death 31 Jan 1889 (age 72-73) 47 Herbert Road, Birmingham5
Cause: Fatty Degeneration of Heart, Syncope

Child 1: Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY


Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY, Frederick Holloway (probably)


Spouse: Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane Holloway maybe

Name: Frederick Edward HOLLOWAY6
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Jane WILLIAMS (c. 1835-1922)
Birth Q3 1839 Stoulton, Worcestershire6,7,8
Occupation Engine Turner, Steam Engine Fitter
Residence 1863 (age 23-24) Gorton
Residence 1881 (age 41) 199 Bolton Road, Aston, Birmingham9
199 Bolton Road, Aston, Birmingham
Occupation 1881 (age 41) Machinist; Birmingham9
Residence 1885 (age 45-46) 18 Kingston Road, Aston, Birmingham10
18 Kingston Road, Aston, Birmingham
Residence 1901 (age 61-62) 120 Alum Rock Road, Birmingham
120 Alum Rock Road, Birmingham
Residence 1906 (age 67) 49 Waterloo Road, Smethwick, Birmingham
49 Waterloo Road, Smethwick, Birmingham
Died here. It's now (2004) an Indian Restaurant
49-51 Waterloo Road - Delight Tandoori Restaurant
Death 31 Mar 1906 (age 66) 49 Waterloo Road, Smethwick, Birmingham11
Cause: Cancer of the pancreas
Burial Apr 1906 (age 66) Grave 4652, Yardley Cemetery. No headstone.

Child 2: John Martin HOLLOWAY

Name: John Martin HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 1840 Stoulton, Worcestershire
Christening 3 Jan 1841 (age 0) Stoulton, Worcestershire1
Occupation Railway Carriage Maker3
Death Q1 1905 (age 64) Birmingham

Child 3: Edward HOLLOWAY

Name: Edward HOLLOWAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lydia GLOVER (c. 1854- )
Birth c. May 1842 Stoulton, Worcestershire
Christening 8 May 1842 (age 0) Stoulton, Worcestershire1
Occupation Auctioners Clerk

Child 4: Stephen HOLLOWAY


Stephen HOLLOWAY, 2005, age 161, Stephen and Annie Holloway Grave 1


Spouse: Annie BAYLISS, 2005, age 144, Stephen and Annie Holloway Grave 1

Name: Stephen HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Annie BAYLISS (c. 1861-1943)
Birth 6 Jan 1844 Stoulton, Worcestershire12
Christening 4 Feb 1844 (age 0) Stoulton, Worcestershire1
Residence 1901 (age 56-57) 75 Tybridge Street, Worcester13
75 Tybridge Street, Worcester
According to 1901 census
Occupation Sawmill Foreman, before that Boot and Shoemaker3,13
Death 12 Apr 1909 (age 65) Tybridge Street, Worcester14,15
Burial 15 Apr 1909 Grave 3860, Astwood Cemetery, Worcester14

Child 5: Olivia HOLLOWAY

Name: Olivia HOLLOWAY
Sex: Female
Spouse: James COTTON ( - )
Birth Q3 1845 Stoulton, Worcestershire
Christening 12 Oct 1845 (age 0) Stoulton, Worcestershire
Death Q3 1898 (age 52-53)

Child 6: Elizabeth HOLLOWAY

Name: Elizabeth HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1851 Stoulton, Worcestershire

Child 7: Thomas HOLLOWAY

Name: Thomas HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1853 Norton, Worcestershire3

Child 8: Francis HOLLOWAY

Name: Francis HOLLOWAY3
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1853 Norton, Worcestershire3

Child 9: Mary HOLLOWAY

Sex: Female
Birth c. 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire

Child 10: Fielding HOLLOWAY

Name: Fielding HOLLOWAY
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1860 Birmingham, Warwickshire3

Note on Marriage

I got this marriage date from the IGI index - but it doesn't show up in the GRO index for Q4 1837. Is this because it's in the Parish Register?


Candidate death date - Q1 1889 aged 73. Aston 6D 169

Note on Husband: Edward HOLLOWAY

I have found a reference to him in the 1850 Post Office directory for the area - he is listed as a Shoemaker in Stoulton.


He and family appear to have moved to Norton, Worcestershire, which is the next village from Stoulton and then to 110 Spring Hill, Birmingham, Warwickshire where a number of their children were born. This would seem to have been between 1850 and 1853.


There is an entry in the 1863 Birmingham Directory (Post Office I think) for an Edward Holloway, Bootmaker at 43 Dean Street. He turns up again in 1867 at another address, 89 Charles Henry St. still in Birmingham.


The original transcript of the 1861 census on contains a number of errors - birthplaces Stanton instead of Stoulton. Real Glue Maker instead of Boot and Shoe Maker. John's age as 12 instead of 20.


There is a record of a Christening of Edward Holloway in Wick near Pershore in the IGI.

Son of John Holloway and Ann - 4 Jan 1818. A John Holloway married Ann Abell 9 Aug 1808 according to the IGI at Wick. The only Holloway, Hollaway and Hallaway records relate to this couple - so without it being concrete, I think there's a good chance that this is the right one. I'll go with it for now.


Just to confuse things a bit further, there were some children born to Edward Holloway and Olivia in Stoulton around the same period as those born to Edward and Elizabeth. I have no reason to believe it is the same Edward - but at the same time I have no other Edward Holloway to link it to.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth SMITH

I am pretty certain that the death date and certificate are for the rfight Elizabeth Holloway - the age is right and it mentions that she is Edward's widow. The only slight confusion is that he is quoted as a Commission Agent - rather than a shoemaker. The death was registered by a James Cotton, son in law. Both lived at 47 Herbert Road - where as Edward died at 23 Herbert Road. Presumably they all lived quite close together!


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