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Family of Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL and Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON


Family of Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL and Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON, 1934, EGVP EEK Wedding 1

Husband: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL (1907-1951)
Wife: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON (1906-1997)
Children: Sheila Morag PERCIVAL (1937-2005)
John Kempson PERCIVAL
Marriage 14 Jul 1934 St Pauls, Walsall1

Husband: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL


Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL, 1951, age 44, EGVP pipe

Name: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL2
Sex: Male
Father: Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959)
Mother: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER (1879-1949)
Birth 10 Nov 1907 2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester3
2 Baptist Walk, Hinckley, Leicester
Occupation University Lecturer, Research Chemist
Child Count 2
Marriage Count 1
Title Dr
Education 1918 (age 11) King Edward VII Grammar School, Coalville; Coalville
1918 - 1925
Education 1925 (age 18) Birmingham University; Birmingham
Graduation 1928 (age 21) Birmingham University
1st Classs Honours in Chemistry
Death 27 Sep 1951 (age 43) Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh4
Cause: Hydro-cyanic acid poisoning
Burial 1 Oct 1951 Liberton Cemetery, Edinburgh5

Wife: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON


Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON, 1964, age 58, EE McDowell Jul 1964

Name: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON6
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Betty
Father: Frank George KEMPSON (1870-1939)
Mother: Emily Marsalina Macquebra HOLLOWAY (1867-1943)
Birth 3 Jan 1906 75 King Edward Road, Coventry6
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 5) 102 Kingsway, Coventry7
102 Kingsway, Coventry
Residence 1934 (age 27-28) 269 Birmingham Road, Walsall
269 Birmingham Road, Walsall
Residence 1937 (age 30-31) 126 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh
126 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh
Residence 1963 (age 56-57) 20 Oak Tree Close, Virginia Water GU25 4JF
20 Oak Tree Close, Virginia Water GU25 4JF
Residence 95 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh
95 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh
Occupation Research Chemist
Title Dr
Marriage Count 2
Death 16 Apr 1997 (age 91) Surrey
Burial Wokingham Crematorium, ashes interred at Moorhouse, near Kelso.

Child 1: Sheila Morag PERCIVAL


Sheila Morag PERCIVAL, 1937, age 0, EEK + SMP baby

Name: Sheila Morag PERCIVAL
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Nov 1937 Edinburgh
Death 22 Jul 2005 (age 67) Ilfracombe
Cause: Lung cancer

Child 2: John Kempson PERCIVAL

Name: John Kempson PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Denise Helen CHANDLER

Note on Husband: Edmund George Vincent PERCIVAL

After graduating, he went to McGill University in Montreal for a year to do research on wood pulp. On returning, he worked for Sir Norman Haworth at Birmingham University on the structure of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - for which Haworth won the Nobel Prize in 1937. According to his wife, Elizabeth, nee Kempson, he was always bitter about the lack of recognition he got for his work in this area. It was always thus in academic circles.


He wrote a book - Structural Carbohydrate Chemistry, which was first published in 1950.

It was updated by his wife, Elizabeth, and republished in 1962.

Note on Wife: Ethel Elizabeth KEMPSON

Known as Elizabeth or Betty


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