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Family of Henry William SURFLEET and Mary Isabella PEMBERTON

Husband: Henry William SURFLEET (1874-1918)
Wife: Mary Isabella PEMBERTON (1877-1945)
Children: John William SURFLEET (1901-1968)
Irene SURFLEET (1903-1988)
Marjorie SURFLEET (1905-1926)
Harry SURFLEET (1913-1998)
Marriage Q3 1900 Leeds, Yorkshire

Husband: Henry William SURFLEET

Name: Henry William SURFLEET
Sex: Male
Father: William SURFLEET (1849-1902)
Mother: Caroline KING (1851- )
Birth Q1 1874 Hoxton, Middlesex
Death Q4 1918 (age 44) Leeds, Yorkshire
Cause: Flu outbreak

Wife: Mary Isabella PEMBERTON


Mary Isabella PEMBERTON, 1934, age 57

Name: Mary Isabella PEMBERTON
Sex: Female
Father: John George PEMBERTON (1853- )
Mother: Jemima Elizabeth I STEWART (1851-1878)
Birth 1877
Death 1945 (age 67-68)

Child 1: John William SURFLEET


John William SURFLEET, 1934, age 33

Name: John William SURFLEET
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte ST PAUL (1908-1989)
Birth Q1 1901 Leeds, Yorkshire
Occupation Printer
Death Q2 1968 (age 67) Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 2: Irene SURFLEET


Irene SURFLEET, 1934, age 30


Spouse: James TOLSON, 1934, age 27

Name: Irene SURFLEET
Sex: Female
Spouse: James TOLSON (1907-2005)
Birth 13 Apr 1903 Leeds, Yorkshire
Death 20 Jan 1988 (age 84) Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 3: Marjorie SURFLEET

Name: Marjorie SURFLEET
Sex: Female
Birth 1905
Death 1926 (age 20-21) Leeds, Yorkshire

Child 4: Harry SURFLEET


Harry SURFLEET, 1934, age 20

Name: Harry SURFLEET
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1913 Leeds, Yorkshire
Occupation Commercial Traveller
Death 1998 (age 84-85) Glasgow

Note on Husband: Henry William SURFLEET

Birth appears to be registed in Shoreditch.

Note on Wife: Mary Isabella PEMBERTON

Can't find her birth or death, although Marriage is in freebmd