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Family of Martin Coomber WARD and Annie THOMPSON

Husband: Martin Coomber WARD (1880-1949)
Wife: Annie THOMPSON (c. 1884-c. 1969)
Marriage Q4 1921 Skirlaugh district1

Husband: Martin Coomber WARD


Martin Coomber WARD, Martin Coomber Ward

Name: Martin Coomber WARD
Sex: Male
Nickname: Matt
Father: Robert Coomber WARD (1850-1916)
Mother: Mary Ann Jane LITTLE (1852-1933)
Birth 30 May 1880 Gt Driffield, East Yorkshire, England
Baptism 22 Jun 1880 (age 0) Driffield Wesleyan Methodist Church
Occupation Painter and Decorator.
Residence 1901 (age 20) 26 Mercer Row, Driffield2
26 Mercer Row, Driffield
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 30) 33 Victoria Road, Great Driffield, Yorkshire
33 Victoria Road, Great Driffield, Yorkshire
Death Q3 1949 (age 69) Hull District Vol 2a p1801
Cause: Bee sting in throat from eating a piece of cake with a bee on it.

Wife: Annie THOMPSON



Name: Annie THOMPSON
Sex: Female
Father: John THOMPSON ( - )
Mother: Ann WILSON ( - )
Birth c. 1884 Beeford, Wyton, Yorkshire
Death c. 1969 (age 84-85)

Note on Marriage

no children. Lived in big Georgian house in Wyton that belonged to Annie's parents. When Martin offered them rent they told him they had paid them enough by marrying their daughter.

Note on Husband: Martin Coomber WARD

Nicknamed Matt.

Note on Wife: Annie THOMPSON

From Wyton. Parents were farmers. Birth and death dates need checking


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