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Family of James YOUNG and Catherine MITCHELL

Husband: James YOUNG (1852-1904)
Wife: Catherine MITCHELL (1855-1941)
Children: David YOUNG (c. 1876- )
Agnes YOUNG (c. 1878- )
Margaret Doak YOUNG (c. 1882- )
Charles Mitchell YOUNG (1883-1938)
Williamina YOUNG (c. 1886- )
Catherine YOUNG (c. 1888- )
Robert Mitchell YOUNG (1890- )
James YOUNG (c. 1893- )
John YOUNG (c. 1896- )
Elizabeth YOUNG (c. 1899- )
Marriage 31 Jul 1874 Dalry, Ayr1

Husband: James YOUNG

Name: James YOUNG2,3
Sex: Male
Father: John YOUNG (c. 1805-1875)
Mother: Margaret DOAK (bef1816-bef1875)
Birth 15 Nov 1852 Kilwinning3,4
Baptism 15 May 1853 (age 0) Kilwinning3
Occupation Joiner, Railway Servant, Railway Guard, Railway Shunter5,6,7,8,9
Residence 1881 (age 28) 29 Thistle Street, Edinburgh
29 Thistle Street, Edinburgh
Lived with his parents in law who had moved with the whole family from Dalry in Ayrshire.
Residence 1901 (age 51) 46 Lower Granton Road, North Leith10
46 Lower Granton Road, North Leith
Death 25 Jul 1904 (age 51) Edinburgh5
Cause: Fractured skull, railway accident - near Gas Works in Granton

Wife: Catherine MITCHELL

Name: Catherine MITCHELL11
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Spence MITCHELL (1828-1891)
Mother: Agnes Mary MACFARLANE (c. 1829-1913)
Birth 2 Dec 1855 Highfield, Dalry, Ayr11
Residence 1901 (age 45) 46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh12
46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh
Death 15 Jul 1941 (age 85) 6 Lorne Street, Leith, Edinburgh13
Cause: Myocardial degeneration

Child 1: David YOUNG

Name: David YOUNG
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1876 Lugar, Ayr

Child 2: Agnes YOUNG

Name: Agnes YOUNG14
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1878 Lugar, Ayr

Child 3: Margaret Doak YOUNG

Name: Margaret Doak YOUNG12,15
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Balmer DONALDSON (c. 1881- )
Birth c. 1882 Edinburgh
Occupation 1901 (age 18-19) Net Braider12
Residence 1901 (age 19) 46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh12
46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh
Residence 1904 (age 22) 46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh15
46 Lower Granton Road, Leith, Edinburgh

Child 4: Charles Mitchell YOUNG


Charles Mitchell YOUNG, 1927, age 44, Charles Mitchell Young


Spouse: Helen Thompson BANKS, 27 Trinity Crescent (1)

Name: Charles Mitchell YOUNG4,12
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen Thompson BANKS (1883- )
Birth 29 May 1883 41 Thistle Street, Edinburgh16
Residence 1891 (age 7) 3 St David's Place, Edinburgh4
3 St David's Place, Edinburgh
Occupation 1901 (age 17) Chemical worker; Edinburgh12
Residence 1901 (age 17) 46, Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh12
46 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh
Residence 26 Jan 1906 (age 22) 3 Victoria Place, Trinity, Leith17
3 Victoria Place, Trinity, Leith
Place of residence prior to marriage on 26 Jan 1906
Occupation 1906 (age 22) Warehouseman17
Residence 1911 (age 27) 13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh18
13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh
Residence 1938 (age 54) 27 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh19
27 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh
Occupation 1938 (age 54-55) Shipbuilders Clerk; Edinburgh19
Death 22 Apr 1938 (age 54) Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Usual residence 27 Trinity Crescent, Leith19
Cause: Left-sided bronchial carcinoma

Child 5: Williamina YOUNG

Name: Williamina YOUNG4,14
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1886 Edinburgh4,14
Occupation Net Braider4

Child 6: Catherine YOUNG

Name: Catherine YOUNG12
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1888

Child 7: Robert Mitchell YOUNG

Name: Robert Mitchell YOUNG9,20
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1890 Edinburgh

Child 8: James YOUNG

Name: James YOUNG12
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1893

Child 9: John YOUNG

Name: John YOUNG12
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1896 Edinburgh

Child 10: Elizabeth YOUNG

Name: Elizabeth YOUNG12
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1899

Note on Marriage

Could be Spanish blood in here somewhere - a Spanish Galleon from the Armada was wrecked in Tobermory bay. Agnes MacFarlane - Catherine's mother came from Mull.


Note - Mabel's notes had her maiden name as McLean - but this is plainly wrong.

Note on Husband: James YOUNG

The Mitchell, Dunlop and Young families moved en masse to Edinburgh somewhere between 1878 and 1881. They all lived together (14 or 15 of them) at 29 Thistle Street.

His death certificate refers to another document - Vol XIV p114 2 Sep 1904 - presumably an inquest or similar.14

Note on Wife: Catherine MITCHELL

Catherine was her parents 4th child - 2 previous boys had died, one girl still alive at the time of her birth.


Death was registered by her daughter Margaret Donaldson11


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