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Family of James BRUCE and Mabel YOUNG


Family of James BRUCE and Mabel YOUNG

Husband: James BRUCE ( - )
Wife: Mabel YOUNG (1906-1998)
Children: Patricia BRUCE

Husband: James BRUCE



Name: James BRUCE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mabel YOUNG


Mabel YOUNG, 1908, age 2

Name: Mabel YOUNG1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Mitchell YOUNG (1883-1938)
Mother: Helen Thompson BANKS (1883- )
Birth 19061
Residence 1911 (age 4) 13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh2
13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh
Death 1998 (age 91-92) Edinburgh

Child 1: Patricia BRUCE

Name: Patricia BRUCE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John RENSON (1927- )
Spouse 2: D W JOWETT

Note on Wife: Mabel YOUNG

Notes by EP.

I have researched as much of Mabel's granny's family as I can through the Scotland's people's web-site. Her granny was Mary Ann Banks, nee Cormack. She died in 1924, not 1922 as Mabel's notes suggested, at the age of 70. She seems to have lived at 27 Trinity Crescent after the death of her husband. The 1901 census shows her with boarders.


Their eldest daughter was named Helen, but seems to have been called Nellie - certainly that's how she appears in the census. Henry was called Harry.


There appear to have been 5 children in the family - Mabel refers to 4, but then names David as a fifth. David was born in 1885, but doesn't appear on the 1901 census. I can't find a death record for him on line, so I don't know what happened to him.


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