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Family of James YOUNG and Agnes CLARK

Husband: James YOUNG (1908-1971)
Wife: Agnes CLARK (1909-1999)

Husband: James YOUNG


James YOUNG, James Young jr photo

Name: James YOUNG1
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Mitchell YOUNG (1883-1938)
Mother: Helen Thompson BANKS (1883- )
Birth 19081
Occupation Fruit Importer
Residence 1911 (age 2) 13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh2
13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh
Death 1971 (age 62-63)

Wife: Agnes CLARK

Name: Agnes CLARK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 Mar 1909
Occupation Bell Cowan Switch Operator
Death 1999 (age 89-90)

Note on Marriage


Note on Husband: James YOUNG

Uncle Jim - resident at 15 Cargil Terrace Edinburgh in 1938


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