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Family of David CORMACK and Mary SUTHERLAND

Husband: David CORMACK (1826-1892)
Wife: Mary SUTHERLAND (c. 1833-1920)
Children: Mary Ann CORMACK (1853-1924)
Alexander CORMACK (1857-1928)
Henry Sutherland CORMACK (1868-1876)
Marriage 11 Jun 1852 Olrig, Caithness1

Husband: David CORMACK

Name: David CORMACK2
Sex: Male
Father: Alexander CORMACK (c. 1791-1863)
Mother: Hellen REACH (c. 1803-1873)
Birth 15 Nov 1826 Bower, Caithness3
Baptism 18 Nov 1826 (age 0) Bower, Caithness
Occupation Shoemaker/Journeyman/Master2,4
Residence 1841 (age 15) Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Brabsterdorran, Bower, Caithness
Residence 1851 (age 24-25) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Castletown, Olrig, Caithness - Castletown to New Libmister Road
Lodger of William and Catharine Waters.
Death 11 Mar 1892 (age 65) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Hypertrophy of heart - uncertain.


Sex: Female
Father: Henry SUTHERLAND (1798-1865)
Mother: Ann FLETT (1799-aft1865)
Birth c. 1833 Caithness
Death 18 Feb 1920 (age 86-87) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Valvular disease of heart, old age

Child 1: Mary Ann CORMACK


Mary Ann CORMACK, 27 Trinity Crescent (2)


Spouse: Donald BANKS, 1891, age 40, Thistlebank1891

Name: Mary Ann CORMACK2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Donald BANKS (1851-1892)
Birth 11 Mar 1853 Castletown, Olrig, Caithness2
Baptism 17 Apr 1853 (age 0) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Residence 1891 (age 37-38) Edinburgh5
Fort(h) Place
Death 18 Jan 1924 (age 70) 27 Trinity Crescent, Leith North District6
Cause: Cardiac Failure (Fatty degeneration of heart)

Child 2: Alexander CORMACK

Name: Alexander CORMACK
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Jun 1857 Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Occupation Watchmaker and Jeweller
Death 5 Oct 1928 (age 71) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Natural Causes, Apoplexy.

Child 3: Henry Sutherland CORMACK

Name: Henry Sutherland CORMACK
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Feb 1868 Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Death 29 Feb 1876 (age 8) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Bright's Kidney, Convulsions

Note on Husband: David CORMACK

Supposedly known as the Sympathetic Laird because he didn't press people for their rent.

Seems somewhat dubious, since he is recorded as a shoemaker! If anything this might possibly refer to his father who did at least own some land. Perhaps David inherited this and had tenants?


Died aged 64 according to his death certificate - but would be 65 if christening date is correct.


In 1851 census he is shown as a lodger with William and Catherine Waters in Castletown to New Libmister road. He was born in Bower.


Name is mis-spelt as David Cormach in marriage entry in Scotlandspeople


In 1841 census shown as living with parents Alexander Cormack and Hellen Reach. Address is shown as Brabsterdorran. Children George, Margaret and Alexander are also living there.


It is not certain that the people I have identified as his parents are the right ones. Dates don't quite tie up with ages - but there are so many inconsistencies in the records it's still possible they're correct.


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