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Family of Henry SUTHERLAND and Ann FLETT

Husband: Henry SUTHERLAND (1798-1865)
Wife: Ann FLETT (1799-aft1865)
Children: Elizabeth SUTHERLAND (c. 1821- )
Ann SUTHERLAND (c. 1827- )
Jannet SUTHERLAND (c. 1830- )
Mary SUTHERLAND (c. 1833-1920)

Husband: Henry SUTHERLAND

Sex: Male
Father: Henry SUTHERLAND ( - )
Mother: Jean LYALL ( - )
Birth 8 Mar 1798 Olrig, Caithness
Occupation Labourer, Stone Cutter1
Death 28 Aug 1865 (age 67) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness2
Cause: Arthisis Pulmonalis (3 years)

Wife: Ann FLETT

Name: Ann FLETT2,3,4
Sex: Female
Father: John FLETT ( - )
Mother: Molly CARD ( - )
Birth 27 Nov 1799 Stromness, Orkney
Death aft 1865 (age 65-66)

Child 1: Elizabeth SUTHERLAND

Name: Elizabeth SUTHERLAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Donald MCKAY ( - )
Birth c. 1821


Sex: Female
Birth c. 1827 Caithness

Child 3: Jannet SUTHERLAND

Sex: Female
Birth c. 1830 Caithness

Child 4: Mary SUTHERLAND

Sex: Female
Spouse: David CORMACK (1826-1892)
Birth c. 1833 Caithness
Death 18 Feb 1920 (age 86-87) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Cause: Valvular disease of heart, old age

Note on Marriage

There is a marriage of an Ann Flett to Hendrey Sutherland in 1819 in Firth and Stennes on Orkney. This is so far the only possibility I've found.

Note on Husband: Henry SUTHERLAND

I suspect he worked at the Flagstone works in Castletown


Recorded as labourer, stoneworks in 1841 census


Recorded as labourer in 1851 census.


Also recorded in 1851 census living with them on Castletown Sibmister Road is a grand-daughter, Elisabeth McKay, age 1, born in Olrig.

Presumably a lodger, George Hercus, a mason age 40 is recorded at the same address in 1841 census


Death register entry records him as stone dresser and his father as mason (master)

Note on Wife: Ann FLETT

1851 census gives age as 51 and place of birth as Orkney.

1841 census gives age as 40 and birthplace as outside of county.


This makes the most likely candidates for parents as John Flett and Molly Card - place of birth being Stromness in 1799 - which funnily enough is Mabel's suggested date!


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