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Family of Donald BANKS and Mary Ann CORMACK

Husband: Donald BANKS (1851-1892)
Wife: Mary Ann CORMACK (1853-1924)
Children: Donald BANKS (1882-1951)
Helen Thompson BANKS (1883- )
David Cormack BANKS (1885- )
Charlotte Calder BANKS (1887- )
Henry Sutherland Cormack BANKS (1889- )
Marriage 3 Nov 1880 Olrig, Caithness1,2

Husband: Donald BANKS


Donald BANKS, 1891, age 40, Thistlebank1891

Name: Donald BANKS2
Sex: Male
Father: Donald BANKS (1804-1863)
Mother: Charlotte CALDER (1820-aft1881)
Birth 8 Jun 1851 Caithness
Christening 8 Jun 1851 (age 0)
Occupation 1st Mate
Residence 1881 (age 29-30) 5 Victoria Place, Leith
5 Victoria Place, Leith
Residence 1891 (age 39-40) 7 Forth Place, Leith3
7 Forth Place, Leith
Death 31 May 1892 (age 40) At sea. Ship called Ashbank disappeared on a voyage from Algoa Bay in South Africa to Newcastle, NSW.4
Cause: Drowned

Wife: Mary Ann CORMACK


Mary Ann CORMACK, 27 Trinity Crescent (2)

Name: Mary Ann CORMACK5
Sex: Female
Father: David CORMACK (1826-1892)
Mother: Mary SUTHERLAND (c. 1833-1920)
Birth 11 Mar 1853 Castletown, Olrig, Caithness5
Baptism 17 Apr 1853 (age 0) Castletown, Olrig, Caithness
Residence 1891 (age 37-38) Edinburgh3
Fort(h) Place
Death 18 Jan 1924 (age 70) 27 Trinity Crescent, Leith North District6
Cause: Cardiac Failure (Fatty degeneration of heart)

Child 1: Donald BANKS

Name: Donald BANKS3,7,8
Sex: Male
Spouse: Flora Livingston MCLEOD (1883-1961)
Birth 9 Jun 1882 16 Milkie Place, Leith8
Residence 1891 (age 9) 7 Forth Place, Leith3
7 Forth Place, Leith
Occupation 1907 (age 25) Corporal 19th Hussars9
Residence 1907 (age 25) 27 Restalrig Terrace, Leith, Edinburgh9
27 Restalrig Terrace, Leith, Edinburgh
Residence 1951 (age 68) Edinburgh7
1 Denham Green Place
Occupation Corporal 19th Hussars, Postman7
Death 1 Jan 1951 (age 68) Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Usual residence 1 Denham Green Place, Edinburgh7
Cause: Cellulitis of penis and scrotum, uraemia

Child 2: Helen Thompson BANKS


Helen Thompson BANKS, 27 Trinity Crescent (1)


Spouse: Charles Mitchell YOUNG, 1927, age 44, Charles Mitchell Young

Name: Helen Thompson BANKS10
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Mitchell YOUNG (1883-1938)
Birth 14 Oct 1883 Bathfield House, Leith10
Occupation Shop Girl (Clothier)11
Residence 1891 (age 8) 7 Forth Place, Leith3
7 Forth Place, Leith
Residence 1906 (age 22) 27 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh
27 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh
Residence 1911 (age 27) 13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh12
13 Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh

Child 3: David Cormack BANKS

Name: David Cormack BANKS
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Sep 1885 Bathfield House, Leith

Child 4: Charlotte Calder BANKS

Name: Charlotte Calder BANKS
Sex: Female
Nickname: Lottie
Birth 24 Sep 1887 Bathfield House, Leith13

Child 5: Henry Sutherland Cormack BANKS

Name: Henry Sutherland Cormack BANKS
Sex: Male
Nickname: Harry
Birth 21 Mar 1889 Bathfield House, Leith

Note on Husband: Donald BANKS

Died age 40 - recorded in Marine Register.

His ship was the Ashbank, which went missing after setting sail from Algoa bay in South Africa bound for Newcastle in New South Wales.

He was recorded as the 1st Mate - while other family records have suggested he was a captain - I suspect this was wishful thinking - or perhaps he had achieved the qualification without the post. The captain of this particular ship - a four steel masted barque - was J. Oates. It was one of three sister ships built for ANDREW WEIR SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD (BANK LINE) in 1891. It was built in Greenock by Russell & Co.



Ashbank 1891 Tonnage - 2292 length - 278.6 beam - 42.0 draught - 24.2 The first of three steel 4-masted barques built for the Pacific grain trade by Russell & Co., the Ashbank went missing on a voyage from Algoa Bay to Newcastle,NSW in May 1892.


Gowanbank 1891 2288 278.0 42.0 24.2 The second sister was abandoned near Cape Horn in April, 1896 whilst on a voyage from Barry to Iquique.


Thistlebank 1891 2430 283.7 42.9 24.2 The third sister was sold on in 1914 and sunk by German U-boat, U-24, on 30th June 1915 during a voyage from Bahia Blanca to Queenstown. See picture in multi-media records.



Recorded in 1891 Census as David.


At some point lived at 7 Forth Place, Leith


In the 1861 census he is recorded at his grandparent's Donald and Margaret Calder.

Note on Wife: Mary Ann CORMACK

Came to Edinburgh when she got married. Mabel's notes said born 1852, parish register says 185314


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