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Family of William Edmund WHITTAKER and Anne KELHAM

Husband: William Edmund WHITTAKER (c. 1835-1891)
Wife: Anne KELHAM (1840-1921)
Children: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER (1879-1949)
Mirian Ann WHITTAKER (1881-1961)
Marriage 19 Oct 1878 Derby1

Husband: William Edmund WHITTAKER


William Edmund WHITTAKER, William Whittaker Grave 2

Name: William Edmund WHITTAKER
Sex: Male
Father: William WHITTAKER ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 1835 Macclesfield2
Occupation Wood turner, Woodyard Owner2
Residence 14 Apr 1862 (age 26-27) Copeland Street, Derby
Copeland Street, Derby
Residence 1891 (age 55-56) 138 Siddals Road, Derby
138 Siddals Road, Derby
Address on a postcard from The Derby Funeral Warehouse to his wife Ann. He is known as both William Edmund and Edmund William.
Occupation Wood Turner3
Death Aug 1891 (age 55-56) Derby4
Burial 22 Aug 1891 Grave 7305, Nottingham Road Cemetery, Derby5

Wife: Anne KELHAM


Anne KELHAM, 2004, age 163, Ann Whittaker Martha Kelham grave

Name: Anne KELHAM6
Sex: Female
Father: William KELHAM (1806-1877)
Mother: Elizabeth REAR (1809-1889)
Birth 25 Oct 1840
Education 1861 (age 20) Whitelands College; Chelsea2
Residence 1878 (age 37-38) Traffic Street, Derby
Traffic Street, Derby
At time of marriage.
Residence 1879 (age 38-39) 92 Park St, Derby
92 Park St, Derby
Residence 1891 (age 50-51) 138 Siddals Road, Derby
138 Siddals Road, Derby
Residence 1896 (age 55-56) Barkestone
Occupation School Mistress6
Death 5 Jan 1921 (age 80) Barkestone
Burial 8 Jan 1921 Barkestone le Vale Churchyard

Child 1: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER


Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER


Spouse: Albert Henry PERCIVAL, 648JRP53xTrips02

Name: Elizabeth Martha WHITTAKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Albert Henry PERCIVAL (1877-1959)
Birth 5 Jul 1879 92 Park St, Derby
Death 4 Apr 1949 (age 69) Coalville
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Burial 7 Apr 1949 Broom Leys Cemetery, Coalville - grave no 5909

Child 2: Mirian Ann WHITTAKER




Spouse: John Bonser KIRK

Name: Mirian Ann WHITTAKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Bonser KIRK (1866-1947)
Birth 8 Dec 1881 Derby
Occupation Governess
Moved from Barkestone to Radcliffe to look after 'auntie' 1923 (age 41-42)
Death 16 Nov 1961 (age 79)
Burial Plungar Churchyard

Note on Marriage

Lived at 92 Park St, Derby3

Note on Husband: William Edmund WHITTAKER

Age 55 when he died. GRO index Derby 7b 263.

Age 27 in 1861 census - puts dob in 1834 or 5. At the time he was lodging with his wife and 1 year old son Arthur in Park Street, Derby.

Shares grave with son Karl and daughter Emma (Malin)2

Note on Wife: Anne KELHAM

Lived in Traffic Street, Derby before marrying William. Gravestone and Mirian's birthday book say she was born in 1840. Buried in grave no 1086


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