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Family of John JOHNSON and Jane STILLBORN

Husband: John JOHNSON (1800-1874)
Wife: Jane STILLBORN (bef1807-1871)
Children: Hannah JOHNSON (1830-1833)
Jane Bielby JOHNSON (1832-1922)
Hannah Clarkson JOHNSON (1834- )
Eliza JOHNSON (bef1835-1919)
John George JOHNSON (bef1838-1860)
Ann JOHNSON (1842-1890)
Louisa JOHNSON (1843- )
Marriage 6 May 1829 Wharram Percy

Husband: John JOHNSON


John JOHNSON, John Johnson

Name: John JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Father: George JOHNSON (bef1767-1838)
Mother: Jane BIELBY (1774-1811)
Birth 28 Nov 1800 Seaton Ross, East Yorkshire
Occupation Farmer at Fridaythorpe
Death 15 Apr 1874 (age 73) Malton, North Yorkshire



Jane STILLBORN, Chandler gravestones 9

Sex: Female
Father: William STILLBORN ( - )
Mother: Hannah CLARKSON (bef1782-bef1816)
Birth bef 12 Jul 1807 Wharram Percy, East Yorkshire
Baptism 12 Jul 1807 (age 0) Wharram Percy, East Yorkshire
Death 18 Jun 1871 (age 63)

Child 1: Hannah JOHNSON

Name: Hannah JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Apr 1830 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Christening 8 Apr 1830 (age 0)
Death May 1833 (age 3)
Burial 5 May 1833

Child 2: Jane Bielby JOHNSON


Jane Bielby JOHNSON, c. 1875, age 43, Jane with son Robert Pickering edited


Spouse: John LITTLE, John Little


Spouse: Robert PICKERING, Robert Pickering

Name: Jane Bielby JOHNSON1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John LITTLE (bef1827-1863)
Spouse 2: Robert PICKERING (bef1809-1873)
Spouse 3: John Lever ROBSON (c. 1829-1912)
Birth 29 Nov 1832 Lodge Farm, Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Residence 1901 (age 68) 26 Mercer Row, Louth2
26 Mercer Row, Louth
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 79) 26 Mercer Row, Louth1
26 Mercer Row, Louth
Age is shown as 79 on the census.
26 Mercer Row is now (2011) a Boots Pharmacy.
Death 1 Dec 1922 (age 90) West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington1
Death 1 Dec 1922 (age 90) West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington3
Cause: Chronic Myocarditis, Nephritis, Arterio-sclerosis
Address: West View Nursing Home, 3 Station Road, Bridlington

Child 3: Hannah Clarkson JOHNSON

Name: Hannah Clarkson JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: George HARDY (1823-1881)
Birth 16 Jan 1834 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire

Child 4: Eliza JOHNSON


Eliza JOHNSON, 1907, age 71, Eliza Johnson photo front

Name: Eliza JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Brown CLEGG (c. 1826-1906)
Birth bef 29 Nov 1835 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Christening 29 Nov 1835 (age 0) Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Death Q2 1919 (age 83) Scarborough4

Child 5: John George JOHNSON


John George JOHNSON, Chandler gravestones 9

Name: John George JOHNSON
Sex: Male
Birth bef Oct 1838 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Death 11 Aug 1860 (age 21) Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Cause: Suicide - cut his throat with a razor

Child 6: Ann JOHNSON

Sex: Female
Spouse: John BYASS (c. 1839-1912)
Birth 1842 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire
Death Q2 1890 (age 47-48) Malton, North Yorkshire4

Child 7: Louisa JOHNSON

Name: Louisa JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas WILSON (c. 1841- )
Birth 1843 Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire

Note on Husband: John JOHNSON

Farmed at Fridaythorpe -

1861 census says 245 acres employing 7 labourers. Vashti Johnson and Elizabeth Pepper Little were also living with them.

Note on Wife: Jane STILLBORN

Youngest daughter of William Stillborn of Pluckham.


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