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Family of John Richard PERCIVAL and Ann ADAMS


Family of John Richard PERCIVAL and Ann ADAMS, 648JRP08xVic30a1

Husband: John Richard PERCIVAL (1822-1903)
Wife: Ann ADAMS (1821-1873)
Children: William George PERCIVAL (1852-1920)
Thomas Frederick PERCIVAL (1855-1936)
Sarah Ann PERCIVAL (1859- )
Marion Isobel PERCIVAL (1862-1909)
Marriage 29 Apr 1851 Barkby1

Husband: John Richard PERCIVAL


John Richard PERCIVAL, John Richard and Eliza Percival's grave

Name: John Richard PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Father: Vincent PERCIVAL (1802-1876)
Mother: Mary BENNER (1802-1880)
Birth 10 Mar 1822 Knossington, Leicestershire2,3
Baptism Tinwell
Occupation 1881 (age 59) Farmer of 63 acres employing 1 man3
Residence 1891 (age 69) Main Street, Barkestone4
Occupation Farmer
Death Aug 1903 (age 81) Bingham District
Burial 1 Sep 1903 Grave 10, Barkestone Le Vale Church

Wife: Ann ADAMS


Ann ADAMS, 648JRP08xVic30a1

Name: Ann ADAMS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1821
Death 11 Jul 1873 (age 51-52)
Burial Jul 1873 Barkby Churchyard

Child 1: William George PERCIVAL


William George PERCIVAL, Marion and William Percival grave

Name: William George PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Jul 1852 Knossington, Leicestershire3
Occupation Farmworker
Residence 1881 (age 27) Kilbys Lodge, Queniborough3
Kilbys Lodge, Queniborough
Death 9 Jun 1920 (age 67) Barkestone
Burial 12 Jun 1920 Barkestone le Vale Churchyard

Child 2: Thomas Frederick PERCIVAL


Thomas Frederick PERCIVAL, Fred Percival


Spouse: Emma HUDSON, 2004, age 155, Fred and Emma Percival grave

Name: Thomas Frederick PERCIVAL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma HUDSON (c. 1849-1899)
Birth 6 Sep 1855 Knossington, Leicestershire
Occupation Farmer2,5
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 55) Plungar5
Death 29 Jan 1936 (age 80)
Burial 1936 (age 80) Barkestone le Vale Churchyard6
Barkestone Churchyard, Barkestone Le Vale

Child 3: Sarah Ann PERCIVAL

Name: Sarah Ann PERCIVAL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Percy WRIGHT ( - )
Birth 3 Jun 1859

Child 4: Marion Isobel PERCIVAL


Marion Isobel PERCIVAL, Marion and William Percival grave

Name: Marion Isobel PERCIVAL
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Sep 1862 Little Shelton, Leicestershire
Residence 1881 (age 18) kilbys Lodge, Queniborough3
kilbys Lodge, Queniborough
Death 6 Mar 1909 (age 46) Plungar
Cause: Colitis
Burial 10 Mar 1909 Grave 11, Barkestone Churchyard

Note on Husband: John Richard PERCIVAL

Resident in Barkby at time of marriage to Eliza. Death record Vol 7b p250

Note on Wife: Ann ADAMS

Aged 52


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