Family of John George NODDINGS and Louisa YOUNG

Husband: John George NODDINGS ( - )
Wife: Louisa YOUNG (1882- )
Children: Doris Evelyn NODDINGS (1903-1982)

Husband: John George NODDINGS


John George NODDINGS, John George Noddings

Name: John George NODDINGS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Middlesbrough
Occupation Bakery Manager

Wife: Louisa YOUNG


Louisa YOUNG, Louisa Young

Name: Louisa YOUNG
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Oct 1882

Child 1: Doris Evelyn NODDINGS


Doris Evelyn NODDINGS, 1929, age 26


Spouse: Frederick William SPENCER

Name: Doris Evelyn NODDINGS
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Frederick William SPENCER (1903-1940)
Spouse 2: Henry Lovett FLINT ( - )
Birth 16 Mar 1903 Middlesbrough
Occupation Nurse
Death 1982 (age 78-79)

Note on Marriage

Battersby, York