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Family of Ian CHAPPELL and Monica

  • Husband:

  • Ian CHAPPELL ( - )

  • Wife:

  • Monica ( - )

Husband: Ian CHAPPELL

Wife: Monica

  • Name:

  • Monica

  • Sex:

  • Female

  • Father:

  • -

  • Mother:

  • -

Note on Husband: Ian CHAPPELL

Adopted. From Sheila Villazon, My mother referred to an Auntie Vinnie,

and I think she was Lavinia(very pretty and vivacious by all accounts) and now you have suggested the name Chappell I am pretty sure that you are

right and she married Frederick Chappell. I think she died quite young

after she and Fred had adopted Ian and that Auntie Phyll moved in and assumed the role of "mother " to Ralph, but unofficially, and this could explain his coldness and lack of care for her when Fred died. I am almost

certain that Ian's name is Chappell, which would support this. I have no

idea what became of Ian and his wife Monica. They came to stay with us

when I was a child, and none of us liked them. He was very "superior".

And I remember my mother saying that he probably thought he was of noble birth and that he didn't belong to an ordinary family..