Royal Observatory,


                                                                                                20th Novem. 1904.


Dear Fred Holloway,


In reply to your kind enquiries I am glad to say that for years my wife and I have not both been so relatively well at the same time as we are at present.  I was far from well during the summer but, thanks mainly to Dr Paula’s treatment, I have made a rapid recovery since the beginning of September.


For five weeks and five days we had the great pleasure of a visit from Theodore, who came over this autumn, in place of next spring, to make sure of seeing me once more in case anything should happen to me.  He is  doing very well in India at Kohat in the N. West Frontier Province where he is Assistant Commissioner and a “Sub-Judge with appellate powers of a district judge”.


Owing to having saved up all his short vacations by doing the work of officials on leave he was able to take three months on “Privileged Leave”, that is leave on full pay; so the welcome holiday cost him practically nothing.


Agnes has somewhat overworked herself; but was so fortunate as to secure herself a pleasant home with a well to do German Family near Stettin(?), where she has an abundance of outdoor exercise – long walks, rides or drives in great forests with a cheery friend of her own age.  She began to play again with something of her old ?? some time ago & was glad to find that her fingers had rather gained than lost by the rest.  The bow arm, on the other hand was a good deal out of practice.


I am very sorry that your cylinder boring came to an end, but hope your super-annuation grant may not be altogether too disappointingly small.  In truth this grant ought to be supplemented by the state out of the imperial taxes (indirect) that you have been paying all these years you were at work.  This is what is practically done in Germany and will eventually be done here.


With very kind regards to Mrs Holloway & to your children,


Ever sincerely yours,


Ralph Copeland.