Royal Observatory


                                                                                    16 Jan 1903


My Dear Fred Holloway,


In reply to your request I am sorry to say that the number of my London friends has sadly dwindled of late years:  Many have joined the majority and some have moved beyond my ken.  Still, if an opportunity of shunting something into the way of your relative occurs I will let you know at once.


You ask about our medical daughter.  She is house surgeon at the Samaritan Hospital in Glasgow and seems to like her post very much.  She was a fortnight at Leith in the City Hospital as locum tenens for one of the overworked doctors But it was too hard a post for anybody, let alone a beginner.  In the fortnight she had about 300 patients, 16 of whom suffered from infectious diseases.  So you can imagine how fully her time was occupied.  I ought to say that they are now extending the hospital with a view to dealing more effectively with the wants of the district.


As fun as his letters are to read(?) my son seems to have enjoyed his Delhi experiences immensely, but we have still to hear particulars of the great days.


Agnes is again hard at work in Paris with her old teachers & in her old and very comfortable lodgings.


I rejoice in having accomplished 5/8 of the winter course of lectures without anything like serious difficulty, only I can no longer face the cold nights with the old indifference.


I hope that Mrs Holloway has again regained her usual health and spirits.  I do admire your being able to turn out at 6 a.m!


Wishing you many years of health and strength,


Ever yours sincerely,


Ralph Copeland


P.S A few months ago, Mr Smalley (formerly of Blackburn) paid me a visit.  He lives in Stockport but knows nothing of Bradley our old friend. R.C.