Royal Observatory


                                                                                    2nd August 1901


P.S I hope to send the letter of Dec 1900 as soon as I am able to hunt for it. R.C


My dear Fred Holloway,


I was indeed glad to see your handwriting once more, and to gather from what you said that you are still at work.


I wrote a long letter to you at the end of last year; but it was returned with the superscription “Gone – no address.”


Last week it occurred to me to ask a business friend to copy out all the likely addresses from the Birmingham Directory.

To several of these I sent postcards – one of which happily reached its destination.


My wife, I am sorry to say, has been ill since the spring of 1900.

She was so ill, that for 13 weeks, she could not put her feet out of bed.


Fortunately I was very well &, in spite of much broken rest, managed to lecture in town on 80 days in the winter with a total outlay of 1/6 for cabs.  This spring however the strain began to tell and about Jun 10 I began to feel ??  Still I pulled through the 450th anniversary of the Glasgow University where I appeared as a delegate.  Eventually I got home (& to bed) on the 15th June.  There I was very ill with influenza and sequilae, so ill that on one day even I thought the end must come.  Thanks however to the most able help, most generously offered, I pulled through although for ten days I had taken no solid food except Bicarbonate of Soda…