Royal Observatory


                                                                                                23 Dec 1898


Dear Fred Holloway,


I can hardly tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to Germany & what a pleasure it was to see you amongst your prosperous young family.


There is not much change here except that the grounds have been laid out and a number of trees planted.


McPherson keeps all the machinery in the best possible order, so we never know what it is to have any doubt about the supply of light or water.


Agnes is as persevering as ever with her music & has now the advantage of having a very good fiddle – a modern one indeed, and thought to be one of the very best that can be made.


Just now Theodore is at home & is of course the life of the place.  He seems to like his work in London & continues to make rapid progress in his studies.


After all, when one is no longer so young as one was, the greatest pleasure one can have is to see one’s young folks showing a fair amount of promise and energy.


Like you I should be very glad if we could hear that our mutual friend Bradley had found a fairly pleasant path through this world and that he was still to the fore.


With kind remembrances to Mrs Holloway, to my namesake and the rest of your circle,


Believe me very faithfully yours,


Ralph Copeland