Transcript of second letter from Ralph Copeland to Fred Holloway describing how to reach the observatory.


Royal Observatory

Blackford Hill


20 May 1896


Dear Fred,


Your surest way of coming out from Princes Street Station to this place is, to go along Princes Street to Waverley Station, Suburban Platform (trains every few minutes). There you will find a train to Blackford Hill Station (Return tickets) every half hour from 8.15 a.m.


If, however, your train arrives punctually at 7.30, you might take a Circular Route Tram Car from Princes Street Station to Marchmont Road, at which point you will be able to see the Observatory. Make straight for it from the ?? & then a slight turn to the right. Cross the railway & go uphill by path along by the wall. If your luggage is at all heavy there will nothing for it but coming by the Suburban Railway. The porter there will bring up your luggage.


Hoping that you will have a pleasant journey

??, In haste,


Sincerely yours,


Ralph Copeland