R-O-E 29-10-05


Dear Mr Holloway,


You will have seen from the papers that my darling husband’s long illness is at an end.  He died peacefully on Friday 27th at 9.30 a.m.


The last letter read to him and which he followed with the greatest interest was your letter written to him on October 7th.  I read to him the letter myself, as from October 9th I was able again to take my place beside him and I cannot tell you sufficiently how thankful I was for this.  Whenever I came to a passage Ralph was specially interested in, he said “mark this” and answer “certainly”.  That was in regard to the passage where you mentioned the business your son was engaged in and when you expressed the hope that it would develop into a prosperous concern.


You have no idea how I miss my poor dear Ralph, but I must not grudge him the rest he so longed for in the end,


Yours sincerely,


Theodora Copeland